Should You Buy a Mattress Online or in Store?

Buying a mattress online certainly has its advantages, while shopping in a physical mattress store could also suit some circumstances. Should you buy your new mattress online or in a store? Let’s see. 

Buying a Mattress Online

Buying a mattress online is the best option for most people because it’s convenient. You could buy your new mattress on your cell phone while sitting on a park bench! The cost is also significantly cheaper than a physical mattress store. You don’t have to deal with overzealous sales staff, pushing you into spending more than you can afford. Buying a mattress online allows you to test your new mattress in your home for at least 100 nights because online mattress retailers are all about in-home trials. You save so much time when shopping for a mattress online because you don’t have to drive around, getting stuck in traffic when you could be doing more fun things. 

Physical mattress stores often charge hundreds of dollars for delivery and could make your mattress return (should you change your mind) extremely difficult. 

Buying a Mattress Online Pros

Buying a Mattress Online Cons

Convenience and ease 

Can’t touch it in a physical shop before in-home trial 

Cheaper prices so you save money

Must wait a couple of days for delivery 

Free shipping and return 

Can often find mattress discount codes online

In-home trial 

Often longer warranty than physical mattress stores 

Saves time 


Nolah offers a 120-night AirFoam™ mattress trial, you wont get that from a physical mattress store!     

Buying a Mattress In-Store

The major bonus of buying a mattress in a physical store rather than online is of course, the touch factor. It’s nice to be able to lay down on your chosen mattress for a moment before you make your decision but therein lies the problem. You only get a moment to try it out while a salesperson stands over you, other shoppers are hovering around, turning it into a pressuring experience. When buying a mattress from a physical store, you have no idea how long the mattress has been sitting in the storeroom for, it could be months or even years. Nolah offers a bespoke mattress service, your Nolah Airfoam™ mattress is made only when you order it. Giving you a beautiful fresh mattress delivered to your door, free of a delivery charge.  

You have no idea how long the mattress has been sitting in the storeroom for. Nolah only makes your mattress after you order it, especially for you. 

Physical mattress stores often charge hundreds of dollars for delivery and will make your mattress return (should you change your mind) extremely difficult. Online mattress shopping is more favorable to shoppers because you get much more protection shopping online than in a store. Shopping for a mattress in a physical mattress store also takes so much time, traveling, spending money on gas, taking time off work or away from your home, spending your lunch break shopping when you ought to be eating! The only time shopping for a new mattress in a store is a good idea is if you happen to be walking by and have time to spare. Physical mattress stores also charge much more than online retailers. So not only are you wasting time, you’re wasting your hard-earned money too. 

Buying a Mattress In-Store Pros

Buying a Mattress In-Store Cons

The touch factor 

More expensive

Questions answered there and then 

High delivery and return costs

Pushy sales staff 

Time wasting 

No free in-home trial 

The mattress could be in the storeroom for months or years 

The benefits of buying a mattress online are far greater than buying a mattress in a physical store. You save money, save time, and enjoy a 120-night in-home mattress trial with Nolah. A physical mattress store can't compare to the convenience, time-saving, money-saving, and ease of shopping for a mattress online.