Dog Dream Meanings (Complete Dictionary for Dreams About Dogs)

Dogs are humans' greatest companions so when you dream of them it often reflects the primal urges within. Your basic needs, emotions, and instincts are brought to the surface in the dreamscape. Dog in dream meaning, especially childhood pets, bring a sense of comfort. Sometimes the animal may need to be more forceful to get your attention. It doesn't mean the dog wants to harm you, it wants to give you a message, albeit with an aggressive delivery. 

We are a nation of dog lovers and our faithful companions in life will often show up in our dreams too. Over 48.2 million households own a dog in the US and most of us will grow up around a dog or two, whether it’s our own or neighbors, they are one of our most trusted allies on earth. 

Table of Contents 

  • What Does a dog Symbolize in a Dream 
  • What is the Spiritual Meaning of a dog in a Dream 
  • Seeing a dog in Dream Hindu 
  • Biblical Meaning of dog in a Dream 
  • Islamic Interpretations of dog in a Dream 
  • What Does a dog in a Dream Mean in Chinese Tradition?
  • Different dog Dream Meanings
  • Meaning of Different Colored Dogs in Dreams 
  • Friendly Black dog in Dream 
  • Brown dog Dream Meaning 
  • White dog Dream Meaning 
  • Dream of dog Chasing me Meaning 
  • Meaning of dog Biting Dreams 
  • Dream of Killing a dog meaning 
  • Dream of dog Dying Meaning 
  • What Does it Mean If I Dream of my Dead dog?
  • Lost dog Dream meaning
  • What Does it Mean to Dream About a dog Getting head bit off by Wild pig?
  • What Does it Mean if a Snake Bites my dog in a Dream?
  • What Does it Mean When you Dream About Puppies?
  • Dream of dog Poop meaning  
  • Conclusion 

What Does a Dog Symbolize in a Dream 

Dog dreams represent our primal urges for loyalty, companionship, protection, and belonging to a pack. An aggressive dog could represent some inner turmoil yet to be resolved. A happy tail-wagging dog is a sign of a healthy social life and group acceptance. The animal may represent someone important to you or yourself. 

To interpret your dream about dogs, take note of your surroundings in the dream, are you inside or outside? Is the dog in dream at a distance or in your face? Is it malnourished or healthy? Is it a house pet or wild animal? Most people will dream of a childhood pet who has passed on. These dreams usually occur during difficult phases in our lives and your childhood friend is offering you some sympathy and encouragement. Dreaming of wild dogs indicates a lack of freedom of expression while dreaming of domesticated animals can indicate a feeling of being burdened by responsibilities. Any suppression of emotions in your waking life will result in dreaming of an animal attacking you.    

As with all dreams, your circumstances will give a greater meaning. Thus, keep your third eye open for smaller symbols within your dream. Note any pictures on the walls, smaller creatures and animals, language, numbers, and colors. These smaller details can piece together a more coherent meaning for you.    

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Dog in a Dream 

Seeing a dog in Dream Hindu

Seeing a dog in dream hindu, symbolizes honesty, faith and good servanthood while at the same time it could mean Lord Yamaraj, the lord of death. According to Hindu beliefs, seeing a black dog in a dream symbolizes death and change. But, death can mean the end of a way of life, new beginnings, and personal growth. 

Biblical Meaning of dog in a Dream 

In the bible, dogs guard flocks and protect homesteads, less domesticated pets and more worker animals. The biblical meaning of dog in a dream is a sign of loyalty and protection. You’re on the right path of good intentions. 

Islamic Interpretations of dog in a Dream 

A dog biting dream or angry dogs in Islamic tradition is a warning to look out for people who may be deceitful. While a happy dog is a sign of prosperity and living well. To dream of turning into a dog can symbolize a gift from god that is not being appreciated. Do you have any talents that you’re not using?  

What Does a dog in a Dream Mean in Chinese Tradition?

In the Chinese tradition, barking and angry dogs in dreams denote money loss and impending misfortune. Therefore, be wise with purchases and save some money if possible. There are many temples in China that are guarded by Foo Dogs, and similar to many cultures, represent a worker dog, guarding the home for his master. 

Different Dog Dream Meanings

  • If you dream of a dog biting your ankles it can mean you’re experiencing some confusion in life. Perhaps you have to choose between certain options and the correct one is unclear. To regain balance again, consider sharing your unease with trusted loved ones to help you get clarity on the situation    
  • To dream of a happy barking dog is an indication of a joyous social gathering about to take place. Your social life is blooming or about to and there’s lots of fun ahead. Use these social opportunities to network and make new contacts and friends. However, if the dog is angry and fierce it can reflect your desire to control every situation in life. Maybe you’re making too many demands of those close to you? It can also be a warning to look at those around you, do you enjoy happy, healthy relationships with open communication? Or are there some people who you would be better off without? A barking dog is warning you or asking for something, but what?  
  • Dreaming of a dead dog signifies the loss of personal relationships that are valuable to you. That gut instinct you have is being diluted somehow and the dream wants you to reconnect with your true self. You may need to reestablish personal boundaries for self-preservation    
  • To dream of sending your dog away means there could be an opportunity in the future where you could betray someone's trust and hurt them. This means you will need to stop and reflect on your actions to do the right thing.   Dreaming of a wild dog can indicate an impending fight with a close family member or friend. They will use guilt to sway you to their way of thinking. They want to make you feel as if you’ve done something wrong even though you haven't. After dreaming of a wild dog it’s best to avoid going into much detail when talking to loved ones. Tell them the bare minimum and let the situation blow over   
  • To dream of a white dog indicates that your friends love you and are trustworthy, you can rely on them to remain loyal to you. This dream is a reminder to show those close to you how much you care and appreciate them   
  • To dream of a black dog can mean someone close to you is about to show you their true colors, their negative actions are about to be brought to light. This dream means you will soon see someone for who they truly are. Remain on your guard so you don't get taken advantage of.    
  • Dreaming of dogs symbolizes generosity, loyalty, protection, and intuition. They bring knowledge of the self to awareness while bringing comfort, protection, and sometimes warnings. They have come to your dream to guide you on your path in life. Dreaming of dogs is a positive sign even if the general meaning is inauspicious, the outcome is for your betterment. 

Meaning of Different Colored Dogs in Dreams 

Friendly Black dog in Dream 

A friendly black dog in dream indicates your growing self confidence, you have gained inner peace and comfort with your choices. Your instincts are strong and your intuition is guiding you in the right direction. Remain steady on your course in life, you know what your weaknesses are and able to control them. 

Brown dog Dream Meaning 

A brown dog dream meaning has positive connotations and is a symbol of happiness and contentment in life. Friendships are strong and your path is wide open to new relationships and strengthening bonds. Brown dog in dream can guide you towards natural healing, you may be interested in the power of healing herbs and natural mental health strategies. 

White dog Dream Meaning 

A white dog dream meaning denotes love, respect, and gratitude. A white dog ushers in a time of peace in your life, perhaps after some turmoil, and assures you that you are being protected and cared for. If you don’t see it in this moment, the white dog is telling is telling you that it’s on the way. 

Dream of Dog Chasing me Meaning 

What does getting chased and attached by a dog in a dream mean? Being chased by a dog in the dreamscape is just as frightening as in real life. To dream of getting bit by a dog can have you waking up in a cold sweat! This dream is to help you become stronger and stop feeling victimized.  

Meaning of Dog Biting Dreams 

If wondering what a dream of dog chasing me represents, take note of your personal relationships. If  

Dog bites in dream especially your hands, someone is fickle with your emotions and being uncaring. A dog bite in dream could also signify you’re being unkind to yourself, you could be treating yourself too harshly. 

Dream of Killing a Dog meaning 

To dream of killing a dog, there’s a close relationship that’s unstable and unhealthy. A friend in your life who you think is loyal, may be hiding their true feelings. To dream of my dead dog meaning is a sign for you to open your eyes and watch out for those who don’t have your best interest at heart. 

Dream of Dog Dying Meaning 

A dream of dog dying denotes your personal talents, instincts and intuition are diminishing. Do you have a skill that is not being used? Something you used to be really good at, but life got in the way and you put it to the side to focus on other things? Find your talent and use it! 

What Does it Mean If I Dream of my Dead Dog?

To dream about dogs dying can mean some changes are occuring in your life that may be viewed as negative. Job changes, home changes, old relationships ending, these can be troubling times but usually for your best benefit. Watch out for conflict and keep a cool head so you don’t say something you regret. 

Lost Dog Dream Meaning

A lost dog dream denotes a lack of self confidence and feelings of being emotionally drained. You may feel you can’t protect yourself or stand up for what’s right in your life. You may be confused about your feelings which makes it harder to protect yourself. Take some time alone to rebuild your confidence and enjoy some joyful activities. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Dog Getting Head bit off by Wild Pig?

Wild boars represent assertiveness, courage, and decisiveness. Although wild boars are aggressive and unpredictable, dreaming of one can represent the courage within yourself. If you’re wondering what does it mean to dream about a dog getting head bit off by wild pig? The dog may represent the softer side of your personality being dominated by your assertiveness. 

While this may be a traumatic dream to have, it could mean you need to stand up for yourself a bit more, be assertive about your needs but respectful to others.  

What Does it Mean if a Snake Bites my Dog in a Dream?

Have you lost trust in a personal relationship? A snake bites my dog in dream represents disloyalty in a friendship. There may be lost trust between you. That doesn't mean the relationship is unsalvageable, sometimes forgiveness is enough to rebuild bridges and regain trust.  

What Does it Mean When you Dream About Puppies?

Everybody loves puppies but what does it mean when you dream about puppies? Those little bundles of cuteness represent new situations, new friendships, new beginnings. There could be a situation in your life that you feel protective over. Dreaming of puppies can also be playful, reminding you to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life.  

Dream of Dog Poop Meaning  

Standing in dog poop in waking life is a total bummer but to dream about dog poop is a sign of losing control of a situation. You may feel you could have acted differently in a situation or changed the course of events somehow. A dream of dog poop is a sign to trust your instincts. 


Dream meanings dog is probably no surprise that dog in dream symbolize loyalty, trust, and unreserved love. Generally, seeing dog in dream indicates your positive intentions in life and a reminder not to stray off your moral path. It can also mean you’ve been neglecting your talents and gifts. 

Is there something you enjoyed in your younger years that you’ve forgotten? Consider picking it up again as it could bring you great success. Dream interpretation dogs is a good sign, even when that dream is a little scary, inner emotions can be scary but worth listening to. Pay attention to the dog in dream, they want to tell you something.