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Dream Series: Interpreting Dreaming of Illness

Dream Series: Interpreting Dreaming of Illness


Aoife O.
Apr 21, 2022

Our dreams can be weird, wonderful, or sometimes confusing but what does it mean to dream of being sick? If you’ve dreamed of being ill, fear not, dreaming of being sick typically means you’re low on energy, craving affection, or in need of some human interaction.   

What Does it Mean if You Dream About Illness?

Dreaming of being sick usually occurs when your energy is low. Perhaps you’ve been working too hard lately, staying up all night to work, study, or party! You could also be emotionally drained from recent experiences. Have a look at your relationships, are they healthy or toxic? Relationship toxicity is hugely emotionally and physically draining.  

Dreaming of being sick usually occurs when your energy is low.

Can Dreams Predict Illness?

If you’re feeling physically unwell it’s best to go for a medical checkup immediately. If however, you feel healthy but have dreamed of being ill, there’s no need to panic. Although on some subconscious level, the subtle physical changes in the body before an illness can trigger an illness dream, it is by no means 100% accurate. 

Your physical health is, of course, a better indication of your overall health. However, an impending illness could make itself known in your dream state. For instance, you are about to come down with a cold which causes inflammation in your throat and a blocked nose. This could bring on a dream before signs of illness appear in which you feel like you are drowning (due to your blocked nose) or being chocked (due to throat inflammation). Therefore, do your best to remember your dreams by keeping a dream journal and taking a little time to interpret them when you can.  

Why Am I Dreaming I Have Cancer? 

The subtly and confusion of our dreams can be hard to decipher. Dreaming of having cancer usually occurs when we are suffering from a loss or feeling a sense of hopelessness from a situation or relationship. With cancer being so pervasive in our society, it’s no wonder it can seep into our dream state. 

Dreaming of having cancer can be a way for your brain to manage dealing with a serious issue. Perhaps you’ve mishandled a situation recently and you’re regretting your actions. Your subconscious could be asking you to face such a serious issue in your dream state to help you manage serious situations in real life.


Dreaming of being ill can be quite traumatizing, like having a dream about terrorist attack. However, it most likely means you need some respite and self-care. If you dream of being ill in the hospital, you need help in your waking life, whether its help with household chores, childcare, school help, or at work. Bearing the load of all the household chores and trying to balance a work life can take its toll. 

If you’re not acknowledging the physical signs your body is showing, your subconscious will try to show you in your dream state. For example, a falling teeth dream meaning can be sign of stress in ones life. There's no need to be alarmed if you've just had a bad dream about being ill. Take time to nurture your physical and mental health, observe your emotions, and have some fun. You deserve it.  

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