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5 Common Dreams Interpreted

5 Common Dreams Interpreted


Lauren Surbrugg
Feb 19, 2019

Sleep is an interesting bodily function. It is a time of rest that lets a body recuperate, recover, and stimulate the mind. The brain is known to do work while people are unconscious, such as dream. 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a dream as “a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep.” Everyone dreams every night, but not everyone remembers their dreams. Some, however, remember every dream and in some dreams even have autonomy and can make active decisions. This is the lucid dream meaning

Here are five of the most common dream interpretations, as told by Psychologist Ian Wallace (via Daily Mail) who has analyzed meanings of more than 200,000 dreams as told by clients.

5. Terrorists Attacking

A dream of a terrorist attack may symbolize intense stresses with co workers or work situations. It suggests that the people or projects are taking you outside of your comfort zone by asking for difficult demands. If you find yourself dreaming about a terrorist attack, try to find a calm, logical way to remove yourself from the toxic people or task so you can live a healthy life.

4. A Cheating Partner

What does it mean when you dream about someone that is a cheating partner? Don’t wake up screaming about adultery. A dream of this nature does not typically mean your partner is unfaithful. Rather, it means you are no longer satisfied with the attractiveness or sexiness in yourself. Instead of ratting out your partner for something he or she only did in your dream, take some time to reflect on your self-confidence and put in the effort to focus on you.

3. Drowning

The refreshing dip in the pool has suddenly turned into a chaotic bout of drowning. It typically symbolizes that something in your personal life is bringing along a heavy load of emotions that may be starting to consume you. Wallace says, “Your head slipping under the water symbolises your thoughts are being overwhelmed while being unable to breathe signifies that you can’t put your feelings into words.”

2. A Home Burning Or Flooding

The burning of a home is the creativity burning inside your brain - it needs an outlet! Wallace mentions that a dream of a burning house is the symbol for a new, imaginative thought or skill that is waiting to transform. Test out your creativity if you experience a house burning in your dream. A flood-like dream where water is running down the walls as if from a leak, however, references an overload of emotions. These emotions are ones of which you are currently aware but now take a toll on your overall well-being. Decipher your emotions, practice yoga if you’re feeling stressed, and be sure to balance your sleep for the best health. Don’t let your mind struggle through the same emotions over and over again.

1. Chasing

Wallace has found that the most common dream in the entire world is being chased. This is normally rendered as a scary nightmare, but it is actually trying to tell you about your untapped potential. It’s identifying a challenge in a recent pursuit of something fulfilling in your life.

If a monster is chasing you, it means you have powerful, raw talent but can’t quite find the way to express it. If an animal is chasing you, it symbolizes the difficulty you may have containing instinctual talent. If a person or gang is chasing you, your dream is telling you that you have an essential talent to use but you are escaping the other responsibilities that accompany it. Wallace says, “Although [chasing dreams] seem scary, your pursuers are actually bringing your attention to unrealized powers and talents in your pursuit of fulfillment.”

As you can see by these five common dream interpretations, sleep and health can be powerfully intertwined. For example, dreaming of being sick may not actually mean you are sick but that you are low on energy or in need of human interaction. Listen to what your dreams are telling you for an improved life.

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