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11 Common Dreams and What They Mean

11 Common Dreams and What They Mean


Aoife O.
Jan 10, 2020

Dreaming can be an exhausting and emotional process full of joy, dread, or confusion. An entire story unfolds as if you’re watching a movie, it’s exciting, you anxiously await the next scene but before you know it, you’re awake and wondering what it all meant? While your dreams are unique to you with subtle nuances, people and places that are familiar to you. There are common themes that thread together the dreamscape of human consciousness. Humans share the same wishes whether you live in the South of France or the South of Timbuktu, you want to be healthy, loved, educated, and free. Therefore, there are many dream themes that most of us will experience in our life such as; falling, being naked in public, dreaming about relationships, being in the hospital, and flying, for example. But do these common dreams mean anything or are they merely flying neurons crossing your brain? 

Why Do We Dream?

There are many theories we need to know about dreams in order to better understand them. Some will take a scientific approach while others will be more philosophical or emotional. It is said that dreaming aids our long term memory by transferring data (or memories) into that section of the brain during sleep. This would suggest that dreaming is a necessary nightly function and if you don't recall dreaming, does that mean your long term memory suffers? While this theory is plausible, we can’t help but feel there’s more to our nocturnal trance. If you’ve ever woken up from a dream and felt a strong emotion, be that fear or love, then perhaps your dreams are an extension of your waking consciousness and reflect your waking moments to help you understand what you’ve experienced throughout the day. Dreaming takes unsettling or difficult experiences and displays them so you’re looking out at them rather than in, giving you a higher perspective. Anxiety, medication, certain foods, or alcohol can affect dream themes but even though, they’re still worth analyzing. 

11 Common Dreams Interpreted

1. Dream About Flying

Dreaming of flying is one of the most exhilarating dreams you’ll ever have as you unleash your inner superhero. Flying dreams are generally considered a positive dream to have and represent utter freedom. Lucid dreaming is when you are in control of your dream so it’s no surprise that dreaming of flying is considered a lucid dream. It is said to reflect your life’s ambitions taking off and flourishing as you’re in control of the dream and control of your life.

However, if your waking life is more chaotic, then dreaming of flying could be a hopeful glimpse of your future. Dreaming of flying can also represent a spiritual awakening of Kundalini. A transition is taking place within your soul, mind, and body. Perhaps you’re taking a new path in life, changing career, or embarking on a new routine. Dreaming of flying is a positive and hopeful dream to have, good things are coming to you.  

2. Dream About Falling

Dreaming of falling from a high ledge or a plane is very common. Most people will have a falling dream over five times in their lifetime. They are often vivid and end with a jolt awake as you hit the ground in your dream. This jolt is nothing to worry about and merely an involuntary muscle spasm. It is said that dreaming of falling indicates a loss of control in your life and you need to be brought back down to earth. Perhaps you’re overspending, overeating, or indulging in any other unhealthy activity and your consciousness has tried to get through to you in other ways but you’re not paying attention. A falling dream that ends with impact with the ground may seem frightening but the message within needs to be heard. Resolve any relationships that are fraught with conflict, take a look inside your behavior for unhealthy habits to change. 

3. Dream About Being Naked in Public

To dream of being naked in a public place is a cringe-worthy experience. Perhaps you’re sitting in class or at the office and, whoops, you look down and you’re naked. The embarrassment feels real but thankfully, it's just a dream. Dreaming of being naked in public means you’re concerned about how others see you, perhaps you're not being your true self and you fear of being truly seen by others. Are you hiding a secret? It could also indicate you’re feeling vulnerable in a situation or you lack trust in yourself. To dream of being naked in public means, there is some shame or rejection taking place in your life, this could be internal, perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself or need a little more preparedness or organization in your life. 

4. Dream About Being Sick

To dream of being sick is a common dream and reflects a desire to be cared for. To dream of having cancer or other terminal illness is not something to worry about. If you dream of being sick and dying it simply means you’re considering your mortality and what you can achieve on this earth. To dream of being sick in the hospital means you crave a fresh start in life and overcoming a challenging situation. There’s a loss of control in your life, maybe you’re stubborn and don’t like to ask for help, However, dreaming of being sick is an indication that asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone loves the opportunity to be helpful and everyone loves to feel cared for. 

5. Dream About Traveling

Often, dreaming of traveling to far off places is not necessarily about a trip you are about to take but more about your life path. Your spiritual journey could be beginning or there is personal development taking place. You long to escape the mundane and experience something new. Personal challenges in life can lead us to dream of traveling as we grapple with heavy burdens and responsibilities. Travelling brings freedom, knowledge, and fresh perspectives on life. Therefore, you could be searching for the resolution of a troubling situation or internal battle. Carrying baggage across borders could indicate that you’re making changes in your life but slipping back into old habits. Dreaming of traveling is a positive and spiritual dream to have. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a spiritual person, a higher message could be coming through to help ease any stress in your life.

6. Dream About Driving

Dreaming of driving a car can be just as exhilarating as a dream about flying. You’re free on the open road with the wind in your hair. To dream of driving indicates you’re taking control of your life, you’re behind the wheel, making all the decisions and taking all the responsibility. You’re deciding to go it alone without the help of anyone else. To dream of driving and feeling happy is a positive sign for your future. Often, this dream can occur during a difficult phase in your life and your higher consciousness is indicating you’re about to accelerate past the troubling times. The car you’re driving in your dream can represent your feelings about this phase in your life. If the car is old and has seen better days, it means you may need to make an attitude adjustment and release any fear around these changes. If you’re driving a luxury car, you’re feeling confident for the future and looking forward to better times ahead.

7. Dream of Being on Stage

To dream of being on stage doesn't necessarily mean you crave attention. Perhaps, you’ve recently gone through an embarrassing experience and you’re feeling under the spotlight. You’re being judged by others who are expecting too much from you and your abilities are being called into question. To dream of being on stage and the audience is booing can occur around a time of stress. You’re giving a situation everything you have but fear it’s not enough. An applauding audience can indicate that you’re sailing through a situation with grace and dignity, despite the stress. Being on stage in your dream could indicate your desire for privacy and some alone time.

8. Dream About Looking for a Restroom

Dreaming about desperately looking for a toilet can indicate a heavy burden in your life that you feel no one can help you with. Using the restroom is a private moment, therefore, you may view this burden as personal and too embarrassed to get help. To dream of looking for a restroom can mean you feel constrained and hopelessly looking for a way to break the chains. To dream of using the restroom means you’re addressing everyday aspects of your life. It’s a positive dream to have when you’re feeling out of control in your life. You’re mitigating yourself of feeling powerless and regaining balance in your life.

9. Dream About Running

If you dream about running alone in an open space it means that you long for an escape and adventure or you’re in pursuit of a personal goal. Running away from something in your dream and feeling fearful can indicate a period in your life that is calling for strength. You must tap into your emotional reserves to overcome this challenging period in your life. To dream about running indicates that you’re moving from one period in your life to another, whether you’re joyful or fearful, this transition is taking place, perhaps you’re being forced into it or being backed into a corner. Your consciousness is asking you to slow down and consider your options with a cool head rather than steaming ahead into the unknown.  

10. Dream About Apocalyptic Catastrophe / Disasters

Apocalyptic or disaster dreams are terrifying and the fear from such a dream can linger long into our waking hours. Dreaming of an apocalyptic disaster, such as a dream about terrorist attack, means you’re life is taking an unexpected turn and changing dramatically. Perhaps you’ve made some questionable decisions that have not been in your best interests and now you’re dealing with the fallout. To dream of a disaster can also indicate a change in life that you have already experienced, it happened so fast that you hardly had time to think about it and now you’re processing your thoughts and emotions about this great change in life. Apocalyptic and disaster dreams are nothing to be feared. Your consciousness wants you to connect with your instincts on a greater level because when you do, you realize there is nothing to fear from great changes that often occur in life.

11. Dream About an Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend

To dream about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend might leave you feeling completely weirded out, especially if you’re in a committed relationship but it doesn't necessarily mean you want to rekindle the romance. Dreaming about an ex or someone that used to be close to you can sometimes mean that person is going through a difficult time and could use a friendly gesture. Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can also indicate your current feelings of optimism for a certain area in your life, be it professional or personal relationships or goals. You’re associating this moment in your life to a previous experience where you were accepted and happy. Conversely, if the dream has more negative feelings attached, it could indicate some reservations you feel in your current relationship, perhaps it’s moving too fast or slow, you’re feeling uncertain about the direction. It can also mean you’re seeking more closeness from your relationships. Your consciousness wants you to seek human interaction on a deeper and spiritual level. Dreaming of an ex usually, has us evaluating the health of our relationships and self-evaluation is not a bad thing.

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