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Dream Series: Interpreting Dreaming of Teeth

Dream Series: Interpreting Dreaming of Teeth


Aoife O.
Apr 21, 2022

To dream of teeth falling out is one of the most unpleasant experiences. It’s often so vivid you wake up in a cold sweat, reaching for your mouth to check you’ve got all your teeth in place.  In the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep, dreams can be more vivid, full of colors, and fantastical. To learn more about REM and how long do dreams last, visit our Sleep Cycle Calculator.  But what does it mean to dream of teeth falling out or being damaged?

Let’s find out.

Why Do I Have Teeth Dreams? 

Teeth dreams can be concerning your ego, how you want to be viewed by others, and your perception of self. Teeth can be a symbol of confidence in oneself. Dreaming of a gleaming healthy smile can indicate confidence in yourself and your abilities. Whereas dreaming of having an unhealthy smile can mean you’re grappling with your self esteem. 

Dream of Teeth Falling Out

Dreaming of teeth falling out can occur around a time when you’re feeling a sense of powerlessness. Considering your teeth are used to chew and bite, they’re a symbol of power and dreaming of teeth can be a symbol of self assertion and confidence in oneself and what you say.  

If you dream of teeth falling out, this can be a sign of psychological stress; a loss of a loved one, a home, job, or partnership. Anxiety, big changes in your life, and depression can make us feel low. Any stress on your life can trigger a teeth falling out dream.

Dreaming of Biting

Some interpret dreaming of biting to be violent and symbolize anger but it’s usually a positive omen. It is often a dream that will occur if you’re having difficulty expressing your emotions. Your subconscious wants you to wake up to your strength and abilities. 

Dreaming of Dentures

Dreaming of dentures is your attempt to hide your flaws from the world. ‘Fake it ‘till you make it’, masking a lack of self confidence. Dreaming of dentures falling out can indicate you need to watch your finances and not overspend. 

Dreaming of Cavities 

To dream of being told by your dentist that you have cavities can denote insecurities in a certain area of your life. Perhaps your professional life is going great but your relationships could be improved or vise versa. To dream of cavities is your subconscious way of asking you to have a healthier work/life balance.  

Dreaming of Pulling Teeth

Pulling teeth in a dream indicates an internal struggle that can not be held under wraps any longer. What do you need to admit to yourself? It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make any grand statements to anyone. It could simply mean you are grappling with a long held opinion changing, so be honest with yourself. 

Dreaming of Rotten Teeth

A beautiful healthy smile instills so much confidence in ourselves and says to the world ‘I’m healthy and happy’. To dream of your teeth rotting in your head denotes a lack of self confidence in your appearance or ability in an area to which you are held in high regard. Rotting teeth in a dream symbolize anxiety and fear if how we are viewed by the world. 

Dreaming of a Broken Tooth 

To dream of a chipped front tooth represents being viewed as foolish by others and can represent our insecurities around our appearance, childhood experiences, social anxiety, rejection, and loneliness. To dream of broken or chipped teeth suggests there are areas of your life you feel could be improved.


Teeth dreams are a common representation of the health of our self confidence. They’re a symbol of power, beauty, and self confidence. Dreaming of broken, loose, or unhealthy teeth simply means you must take steps to build your self confidence.

Dreaming of healthy teeth can indicate your ego may be overinflated and you must take steps to come back down to earth. Your teeth also affect your ability to speak and communicate with the world, your ability to communicate can tie in with your self confidence. Therefore, affecting your ability to speak publicly. 

If you’ve dreamed of teeth recently be truthful with yourself about any anxieties you may have and ask for help if needed. Having self confidence doesn’t mean you’re cocky, it means you’re confident in your abilities and have confidence in yourself as an independent, creative, and happy individual.

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