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Dream of a Dog Chasing me: Dream Interpretation

Dream of a Dog Chasing me: Dream Interpretation


Aoife O.
Nov 04, 2020

Our dreamscape is a fantastical place, full of flying dragons, naughty pirates, sea creatures, and space oddities. Being chased in a dream can be a frightful experience, especially if being chased by an angry dog. Dream interpretation is not as difficult as it seems, it only takes a little introspection and you can find out what your dog chasing dream is trying to tell you.  The REM stage is the most common time of dreaming. Visit this REM sleep calculator to learn more.

Dreaming of a dog chasing you could reflect anxiety or running away from important issues.

Recurring Dream of Dog Chasing Me

A recurring dream is having the same dream multiple times in a short space of time. If you have the same dream just once per year, it’s considered recurring. A recurring dream of being chased in a dream indicates some anxiety in your life, among other things. Sometimes we can even experience a false awakening loop which is a dream within a dream. 

What Do Dreams About Dogs Mean? 

Dream interpretation dog chasing you has a lot to do with anxiety and running away from important issues. Considering dogs are our much-loved companions. Dogs are loyal, loving, non-judgmental creatures who adore their humans. When you dream of dogs they are often carrying a message, typically they want to help you in some way. Chasing you may seem extreme and frightening but they are desperate to get your attention.  

Interpret My Dream: Dream of Being Chased by Dog


Dog dream meaning can symbolize some betrayal. The dog could be an animal version of a trusted friend or family member who is not acting in your best interests. You may need to keep your cards close to your chest for some time so as not to give someone ammunition against you.


Dogs are such loyal creatures that dreaming of one can indicate distrust in yourself and your abilities. If you’re a trusting person but have been burned in the past, being chased by a dog dream could mean you have an opportunity but you’re afraid of commitment. Are you afraid to take that new job or start that new romance? This dream could be telling you to take a leap of faith.  

Dogs are such loyal creatures that dreaming of one can indicate distrust in yourself and your abilities.


High pressure situations are a normal part of life. Taking a test, an important meeting, or moving house, can put a strain on your mental wellbeing. If you’re wondering what does a dream of dog chasing me have to do with pressure? Have you ever seen a dog under pressure? Of course not, dogs are all about taking life easy and enjoying themselves. You're being chased by a dog dream is a sign to slow down, take a deep breath, and go with the flow. Nothing is as bad as it seems. 


Dogs are honest creatures and like humans, truth can be found in the eyes. Ever walk into the kitchen and your dog suddenly looks guilty? They can’t hide anything and may have taken a snack from the counter, naughty doggy! But, to dream about being chased by a dog could indicate you’re feeling guilty about something and may need to come clean.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Responsibilities can get overwhelming and there may be times when you feel like taking a day off, having a bubble bath, turning off your cell phone, and forgetting the world. This is okay every now and then but if you’ve been blowing off your responsibilities and neglecting your daily chores, to dream about being chased by a dog could enter your dreamscape to scare you back to reality.

Overwhelming Dependency

Taking care of loved ones is gratifying but if you never take time for yourself, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Running away from dogs in dreams is a sign you’re running away from the responsibility of dependency. 

Getting Rid of Dogs in Dreams 

Dreaming about dogs symbolizes loyalty, instincts, protection, and friendship. Dogs in dreams can represent aspects of yourself that you’re scared of, or a person in your life who you need to confront. 

If you’re having recurring dog dreams that are troubling:

  • Get enough quality sleep
  • Find a way to deal with anxiety and pressure, exercise is a great destressor
  • Practice mindfulness meditation


What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a Dog in a Dream?

The spiritual meaning of dogs in dreams is that dogs are guardians of the home and alert their owner to danger. The same can be said for dogs in dreams. The canine wants to alert you to an aspect of your personality or behaviour that may not be healthy for you. To dream about being chased by a dog may be frightening but there is a message within. 

What Does it Mean When I Am Being Chased in a Dream?

A dream about being chased is a strong indicator of a high level of stress in your life. You could be feeling fearful of a new situation, moving home, new job, dealing with contracts. Even running daily errands can be stressful. To dream of being chased by a dog can mean you need to ask loved ones for help.

What Does a Dog Mean in a Dream?

Dogs represent loyalty, friendship, instinct, protection, and companionship. In the dreamscape, they can symbolize a situation you’re fearful of, a friend who is not acting in your best interest, or a symbol of self protection to help you be more on your guard. An angry dog in a dream is nothing to fear, they just have an important message for you. 

What Does it Mean to Be Chased by a Dog in a Dream?

To dream about being chased is often considered a nightmare. While being chased by an angry dog in a dream sounds terrifying it symbolizes pressure in your life and situations you need to gain control over. Dogs offer protection to their owners and the dog in your dream wants you to be brave and protect yourself.  


Dogs in dreams, as in life, are our guardians, loyal companions, and lifelong friends. Dogs don’t judge, you can be yourself around a dog and when they appear in your dreams, it’s for a positive reason. They can represent an emotion within yourself, a person in your life or a person about to enter your life. 

Keep a journal on your bedside table and write your dream down as soon as you wake up. Take note of how you feel in the dream and your surroundings. Being chased by a dog dream could mean you’re running away from yourself, be brave and loyal to yourself just as dogs are protective and loyal to you. 

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