You’ll Regret 100 Percent Of The Naps You Don’t Take

Have you met anyone who doesn’t like a nap? The truth is that nearly every person I’ve ever met has enjoyed a nap here and there. Sure, you may think you’re the most productive person on the planet because you can zoom through tasks for 16 hours straight. However, it can be equally as effective to take small power naps during the day. Let’s take a look at these sleep statistics to get the facts straight.

It can be equally as effective to take small power naps during the day as sleeping longer through the night.

Sleeping Improves Your Mindset

Lack of sleep can cause the body to run on delay. A body without much sleep is like a computer that was made a decade ago: it just doesn’t run like it used to. Take a step back from your go-go-go lifestyle, take a nap, and recharge your batteries into the modern day. Here are some sleep statistics that show how napping can improve your brain power.

1. Napping for 15-20 minutes (stage 2 nap) equates to a body reset. Who doesn't love a cat nap?


2. Upon waking from the stage 2 nap, people feel more alert and have increased motor performance.

3. The 30-60 minute nap (slow-wave sleep) is great for a boost in creativity and decision-making.

4. The slow-wave nap helps the mind build connections and solve problems.

It’s Not Just For Your Health. It’s For Your Pocketbook, Too.

Health is a priority; that’s for sure. Finances are also a priority to many people, and people are often surprised to learn how much lack of sleep can impact finances. Here are some shocking stats according to Better Sleep Better Life.

1. Employees can cost employers as much as $3,200 for health care costs that cover sleep problems.

2. U.S. industries lose as much as $150 billion each year because of reduced productivity, absenteeism, and other sleep deprivation reasons.

3. 100,000 motor vehicle accidents are caused by drowsy driving; it is estimated that 1,500 people die annually in these accidents.

Do these sleep statistics make you ready to save money and increase your mental health?

Don’t miss another opportunity to nap! Most of all, take care to get a good night’s rest as often as possible.

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