Mattress Disposal Guide: What to Do With Your Old Mattress

Getting a new mattress is an investment in your sleep health, you’ve found your new dream bed and even splashed out on luxury bedding. Sweet dreams and restful night’s are on the way but unfortunately there is the unpleasant part to deal with, the old mattress disposal

Maybe you’re feeling a little bit sad to see the old mattress go, after all, you’ve had lots of cozy nights and memories on that bed. But, it’s time to say “adieu old mattress” and send it on its way. Let’s talk about your many options when it comes to old mattress disposal and upcycling. 

How Long Should a Mattress Last?

A mattress ought to last roughly ten years. But, the longevity will depend on the quality of the materials used in its construction, the build quality, if the mattress was cleaned regularly, and the weight of the sleepers. 

Learn more about mattress longevity, here.  

Signs You Need to Get Rid Your Mattress

  • Sagging and Lumps: sagging and lumps in your mattress are some of the first signs of mattress aging, rotating the mattress may help for a short time but once pressure relief is gone, a new mattress is better for your sleep health.

  • Noisy Springs: as innerspring mattresses age, they get noisy and lose buoyancy, a creaky mattress or base is not supportive and could cause back pain.

  • Active Allergies: if you find your allergies are triggered at night, it could be because there are too many critters sharing your bed! It’s normal to have dust mites but they cause problems when they take over your mattress and pillows, a bug infestation is another reason ditch your old mattress and save your sleep health.

  • Constant Pain: Your mattress is supposed to provide restorative sleep not make aches and pain worse, waking with back pain every morning could be a sign your old mattress has lost its pressure relief.

  • You’re Up All Night: insomnia, tossing and turning, never being able to find a comfortable position, all could be signs of a mattress that has served its time.

  • Mattress is 7-10+ Years Old: Ff your mattress is 7-10 years old, it might be time to consider a replacement, especially if it doesn't provide the comfort it once did.

Mattress Recycling

Recycling mattresses provides worthy causes with much needed items. Many charities will provide  old mattress pickup, which is convenient for you and great for them as they are receiving an item that they need. 

But, not all mattresses will be accepted, charities tend to have strict protocols for accepting goods and a mattress showing signs of below will not be accepted. Charities are not to be used for getting rid of mattresses that are: 

  • Infested with bed bugs or mold 
  • Have major structural issues
  • Full of rips, tears, or holes
  • Covered in stains
  • Have foul odors
  • General standard of the mattress is poor and not suitable for reuse 

In some instances, cleaning the mattress can be enough to being it up to the standard the charity will accept. Check out this mattress cleaning guide. 

Where Can I Recycle My Old Mattress? 

  • Some mattress disposal companies could recycle 80-90% of your old mattress and transform it into new products 
  • Steel springs, wood frames, stuffing and fabric can all be recycled
  • A quick online search for local mattress recycling facilities will show you local options, it’s best to call in advance 

Mattress Donation

Donating used mattress can give it a new lease of life. Each charity and state have different regulations and standards. Contact your local charity and send them a picture of your old mattress to help them figure out if it’s suitable for donation or not. A mattress recycling company may be able to take it off your hands if a charity is unable to. 

Where Can I Donate My Mattress?


Goodwill started in Boston in 1902 and has been helping American families for over 100 years. While clothes and many household items are accepted by Goodwill, they unfortunately do not have the resources to sanitize donated mattresses. Sanitation laws dictate that a donated mattress must be properly sanitized before being sold. Therefore, Goodwill mattress donation is not possible. 

Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity is another worthy cause that has been operating for 44 years. They accept many household items, clothing, and electronics. They are a much-loved American charity but, unfortunately, are unable to accept used mattresses as they are under strict sanitation laws (just like Goodwill). They advice to recycle your old mattress or get creative and upcycle it. 

Furniture Bank Network

Furniture Banks are a collection of registered charities, non-profits, and social enterprises. They take lightly used household furnishings and give them to needy individuals and families at no or little cost. Furniture Banks may accept mattresses if they meet their standards. Contact your local branch for further details. 

Catholic Charities 

In 1910, the National Conference of Catholic Charities was founded with a simple mission to help the needy. Since then, they have been advocating for governmental changes to secure economic security for the poor. Catholic charities are plentiful and there may be one in your neighborhood. Contact them directly if you have a mattress of reasonable condition to donate. 

DonationTown could help you dispose of mattress by showing you a list of local charities that will take care of the mattress pickup for you. 

United Way 

United Way has an extensive database of shelters who may be in need of a used mattress. Used mattress disposal doesn't have to mean throwing it in a landfill. If the mattress is in reasonable condition, a shelter could give it a good home. 

Online Marketplaces  

Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle, NextDoor, and online classifieds are more places to find individuals and families who could take a used mattress. You might even make a few bucks and dispose of mattress in an environmentally friendly way. 

Who Will Haul Away Old Mattresses?

For a mattress haul away, your local charity may offer free mattress recycling, provided that it is clean and in good condition. A waste disposal service can take bulky items but may charge a fee, while selling your old mattress online could help you find someone who is willing to pick the mattress up from your home. It’s best to contact your local organisation directly for more details.   

Repurposing/Reusing Your Mattress

Upcycling is fun and environmentally friendly. You just need a little creativity and time. 

What to Do with an Old Mattress:

  • Repurpose the polyurethane foam for carpeting, cushions and pillows
  • Save the nails, screws and other small metal parts for various household projects
  • Any buttons, braiding and other decorative features can be repurposed for DIY projects
  • Foam and mattress fibers can be used to make padding or insulation
  • The steel can be melted and repurposed

Read 15 creative uses for an old mattress, here

Selling Your Old Mattress

Selling your old mattress is a great way to recoup some cash. Generally, for you to sell your mattress to another individual should not be a problem. Retailers and charities have to abide by a strict set of rules and regulations that state the mattress must be sanitized before being sold. Before selling your mattress, give it a good clean, treat any stains, so it’s nice and fresh for its new owner.  


What Is the Average Mattress Removal Price? 

A private company will charge roughly $75-$200 for a mattress removal. For mattress removal free, contact a local charity or sell it to an individual who may pick it up for free. Most charities may have a mattress pickup donation, call your local charity for more information. 

Will the Garbage Collector Pick Up My Mattress?

Regular garbage pick ups tend to be for trash cans only. However, your city council may have a bulky refuse collection every month. This gives people the chance to put their bulky items such as mattresses and furniture out with their regular trash. Contact your garbage collector or municipality for full details.  

Can I Take a Mattress to the Dump?

Your local landfill will allow you to dispose of mattress for a fee. The problem being you have to find a way to transport the mattress yourself. You may end up paying a removal company to take it for you. Alternatively, a local charity may pick the mattress if it’s reusable, or you could upcycle it.  

Where Can I Dump a Mattress?

A mattress can’t just be dumped on the side of the street or an alleyway. You could take your old mattress to your local landfill who will dispose of mattress for a fee. Your local charity may accept an old mattress provided it’s in good condition. If you’re feeling crafty, you could upcycle. 


Mattress disposal comes in many forms, you could reuse the fabric and filling to make couch cushions, use it in a child's play area outside under a swing set, or donate it to a local charity.

If you’re in a hurry, a mattress disposal company will take care of the old mattress pickup at your convenience. Taking it to your local dump is also an option, if the mattress is beyond repair. Recycling mattresses that are in good condition with a local charity could see your mattress going to a needy home. There are many options for your old mattress disposal and one bound to suit you.  

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How to Get Rid of Old Mattresses

Your old mattress could be disposed of through your local municipality, garbage collector, or sanitation department. There are many mattress disposal companies who will pick the mattress up and you just need to book online or phone them, which is the easiest option. A local charity may take the old mattress, provided it’s in good condition.   

Where Can I Throw Away a Mattress?

Your local dump or landfill will take an old mattress that is beyond repair. There may be a fee involved but you can also contact your local municipality, garbage collector, or sanitation department who may be able to remove it for free. Mattress disposal companies will take the old mattress and can be booked online for convenience. 

Can You Donate Mattresses?

Unfortunately, because of strict sanitation laws many reusable mattresses are denied a second life with a charity. The laws differ from state to state so contacting your local charity is the first step. If the mattress is in good condition, you could sell it in an online marketplace to another individual. 

Does the Salvation Army Take Mattresses?

The Salvation Army, like many charities, must adhere to strict rules and regulations with regard to sanitation. That means that certain items such as old mattresses, have to be sanitized before being sold. Most charities don’t have the budget to do this so opt to deny the option of donating used mattress.

Does Goodwill Accept Mattresses?

Unfortunately, Goodwill does not have the ability or money  to sanitize donated mattresses. Sanitation laws and rules assure that a donated mattress must be sanitized before being sold. Therefore, Goodwill mattress donation is not possible. Consider contacting some other local charities or selling the old mattress in an online marketplace to an individual. 

Where Can I Recycle a Mattress?

For a mattress haul away and recycling, there are many independent companies who will take the mattress away for a fee. A local charity might offer free mattress recycling if the mattress is in good reusable condition. 80%-90% of a mattress can be recycled, consider using the filling for pillows and cushions and the fabric as cleaning rags.