How to Fix Mattress Indentations - An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

If your mattress is showing signs of age with lumps, bumps, and body impressions, you could apply some simple methods to prolong your mattress lifespan. A saggy and uncomfortable mattress could lead to insomnia, aches, and pains. Without quality sleep, your physical health and mental wellbeing could suffer. Let's learn how to fix your mattress indentations and get better sleep tonight.    

Sagging occurs in some mattresses typically in the hip and shoulder areas

What Causes Mattress Indentations 

Sagging occurs in some mattresses typically in the hip and shoulder areas. Coil spring, memory foam, and polyfoam mattresses may create more indentations quickly than other mattress materials. A dent in mattress may not seem like such a big deal but it could affect your spine alignment and pressure relief. Over time, your sleep health and physical health could suffer from inadequate rest due to a sinking mattress. 

Sagging can occur from:

  • Prolonged use
  • Poor Foundation
  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Inadequate care

Mattress Type

Known to Sag?

Why it Sags?

Typical Lifespan 


Typically sags within the first year

Polyfoam is what you find in a couch cushion so may not be too durable to sleep on every night 

Up to 3 Years  

Coil Spring 

Could sag within the first couple of years 

Low-grade metal coils can lose their agility quickly from continuous use 

Up to 5 years 

Memory Foam

Could sag withing 1-3 years 

Contains heat-trapping chemicals that cause sagging and slow response 

Up to 10 years 


Softens, but typically doesn't sag for up to 10 years

Slowly softens due to regular wear and tear from supporting body weight. Natural latex lasts longer than synthetic

10+ years


AirFoam™ retains its pressure relief for the duration of its lifespan 

Does NOT sag because it contains NO memory foam or heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals 

Up to 10 years 

DIY Step-by-Step method for Fixing mattress Indentation

Step #1: Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Redistribute Mattress Filling  

Cleaning your mattress regularly can prolong its lifespan and comfortability. Check out our cleaning guide here. Vacuuming your mattress can not just keep it clean, it could smooth any lumps and bumps that are keeping you from finding a comfortable sleep position 

Step #2: Purchase Two Bed Pillows 

Sagging mattress support can be achieved with the help of 2 bed pillows. It may give you some short term comfort but a long term solution is better for your sleep health. 

Step #3: Lift up Your Mattress and Place Pillows Under the Indentation 

A simple short term fix is easy to found by lifting your mattress and place 2 pillows under the dipping spots. These spots are typically found under the hips and shoulders but could be on the center or mattress sagging on edges too.

Step #4: Lie Down and Test it out 

Lay down and test the placement of the pillows, you may need to roll around a little to get it right. 

Step #5: Adjust the Pillows as Necessary 

You may need to reposition the pillows if you find your hips too high or your body feels slanted when you’re lying on your back. 

Mattress body impressions on a coil spring mattress occur when the springs lose their buoyancy

Fixing Mattress Indentation of Coil Mattress

Mattress body impressions on a coil spring mattress occur when the springs lose their buoyancy. The springs can poke out of the mattress fabric and cause much discomfort. If your spring mattress sinking in the middle put a pillow under the dent in mattress and use a mattress topper for a short term solution.

If your bed has wooden slats, they could be moved around to facilitate a little short-term comfort. Be careful there is no more than a 3-inch gap between slats, you could visit your local DIY store and have more slats made.   

Alternative Methods of Fixing Mattress Indentations  

Professional Fixes 

A more long term solution to your dent in mattress woes is to upgrade your mattress foundation. A sheet of plywood under the mattress or adding a few new slats won’t last forever.   

Temporary Fixes

  • Solution #1: Flip or rotate the mattress
  • Solution #2: Use a mattress topper
  • Solution #3: Redistribute the pillow-top filling
  • Solution #4 Use Plywood or Cardboard to block the slats

Bonus: How to Prevent Mattress Indentations

  • Rotate and flip your mattress regularly so you’re making use of every square inch of the mattress 
  • Switch your preferred sleeping side on occasion, if you’re a back sleeper try sleeping on your side and vice versa 
  • Use a padded mattress cover and mattress protector for comfort and to prolong your mattress lifespan by keeping it free of dust and debris 

mattress sinking in the middle or sides is not just uncomfortable it’s bad for your sleep health


A mattress sinking in the middle or sides is not just uncomfortable it’s bad for your sleep health. A dent in mattress can disturb your spine and hip alignment, cause neck strain, and muscle aches and pains. Leading to insomnia and fatigued days.

If upgrading your mattress and bed base is not an option, you could try some of these tips to find short term comfort on a lumpy mattress.

  • Put a couple of pillows under the mattress dips
  • Put a sheet of plywood under the mattress
  • Use a mattress topper
  • Vacuum the mattress to redistribute the material 
  • Rotate and flip the mattress if possible   

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How to Fix Mattress Indentation?

Mattress indentations occur from mattress aging or poor mattress materials. Dips occur usually on the hip and shoulder areas and can cause much sleep discomfort. Some solutions include putting a couple of pillows under the mattress, or a sheet of plywood as a short term solution. Rotate and flip the mattress if possible. 

How to Fix Lumpy Mattress? 

A lumpy mattress can have you rolling around the bed all night struggling to find a comfortable position, leading to insomnia and day time fatigue. To redistribute the mattress material, remove the sheets and bedding and vacuum the entire mattress. This may offer a short term solution to a lumpy mattress.  

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress With Plywood?

A sheet of plywood could offer a short term solution to a sagging mattress. When your mattress sags, it loses its ability to offer pressure relief and comfort. If you find your mattress dips in the center, side or edge, put a sheet of plywood under the mattress to add a little firm relief.  

How to Fix a Bad Mattress?

A bad mattress brings a lot of discomfort, poor spine alignment, neck pain, and muscle aches. Suffering insomnia from a bad mattress can have a terrible impact on your physical health. Try vacuuming the mattress, putting pillows under the dips, or a sheet of plywood under the mattress for some short term relief.