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The Best Time to Buy a Mattress

The Best Time to Buy a Mattress


Aoife O.
Apr 01, 2020

When making a large purchase it pays to shop around and sometimes grab that bargain at certain times of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday being great times to save money but what if you can’t wait until then?

Let’s talk about the best time to buy a new mattress and what you can do to find the best deal on a new mattress, today.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, July 4th Sales, and Presidents’ Day Sales are great times to buy a new mattress. Any major holiday ought to bring with it reduced prices and favorable terms that get you more bang for your buck. Also, check out seasonal sales but buying online at any time is guaranteed to save you money.

  • Black Friday: Every year, first Friday after Thanksgiving. Was typically only in physical stores but most online retailers offer Black Friday deals these days.

  • Cyber Monday: Every year, first Monday after Thanksgiving. Online retailers offer extensive discounts on Cyber Monday, it’s seen as a major online shopping event.

  • Memorial Day: May of every year, Memorial Day sales occur where you can pick up a great deal on a new mattress. Nolah Mattress offers HUGE discounts during this time.

  • Presidents’ Day: Every year, typically the entire month of February will bring President’s day discounts online.

  • Seasonal Sales: Typically seasonal sales will occur as the season changes and retailers change inventory.

What Month Should I Buy a Mattress?

When it comes to physical mattress stores, the best month to buy a mattress is May. Around this time, mattress retailers are bringing in new styles and selling off their older models. Also, May brings Memorial Day Sales at online stores like Nolah Mattress, where you can find great quality at a hugely discounted price. However, best time to buy mattress online is anytime! Shopping online at any time is guaranteed to save you money, especially around Thanksgiving and seasonal sales.

How Do I Get the Best Deal on a Mattress?

Shop online for a new mattress as online retailers are significantly cheaper than physical stores. Enjoy a trial because the best deal is only worthwhile if the mattress is comfortable and durable. Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day Sale, and Winter sales are best time of year to buy a bed.

Is it Better to Buy a Mattress Online or in Store?

Shopping online is less stressful than visiting a physical store, it’s much easier to price match, and you can often find discount codes that give you an even better deal when shopping online. Another benefit of shopping online is the mattress trial of at least 100 nights with free delivery and easy returns ensures you’ve chosen the right mattress.

Tips for Buying the Best Mattress

  • Shop Online: You have greater freedom of choice online without the stress of a salesperson standing over you, you also get to price match online.

  • Mattress Trial: Only online retailers offer at least 100 nights trial with free delivery and easy returns, thus ensuring you’ve made the right decision or a hassle free return if the mattress is not for you.

  • Check the Warranty: Online retailers typically offer at least 10-year warranty on mattresses some even provide lifetime warranties.

  • Discount Codes: There could be an online discount code for your chosen mattress, saving you even more money.

  • Seasonal Sales: Check out Thanksgiving, New Year, and seasonal sales that could offer mattress bargains, however, the best time of year to buy a mattress online is all year round.


Generally, there is no best time to buy a new bed because shopping online allows such significant discounts than shopping in a physical store. Therefore, any time of year can get you a new bed at a low cost.

There are some times of the year where you may save a few extra bucks such as; Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Presidents’ Day.

However, as sleep health is so important to your vitality, if you need a new mattress it’s advisable not to wait. Reputable online retailers ought to give you at least a 100-nights trial. Ensuring your decision and sleep comfort.

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