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Top Five Questions

Nolah AirFoam™ is fast responsive temperature-neutral "Memory Foam" with the bounce of latex. Technically, it's a high-resilience polyurethane sleep foam made without the heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals found in conventional Memory Foam.

The best way to explain it is that it has the best from both traditional memory foam and latex combined.

Inside, it’s air-infused with billions of microscopic air pockets that act as individual shock absorbers that adjust to your personal sleep needs. The result is 4X times less peak pressure on your hips, shoulders and lower back, and a much cooler sleep than any other memory foam and latex mattress.

Learn more about the Nolah AirFoam™ here.

Yes, it's absolutely risk-free!

We give you 120 nights (4 full months!) to “sleep on it” before you have to make a final decision. We only ask you to try it a minimum of 30 nights for your body to adjust to the feel of your new mattress. If you’re not 100% satisfied after the initial 30 nights, just send us an email or give us a call and we'll arrange a FREE pick up return and refund you in FULL. Simple as that :)

Requesting a return is super easy, just go to our Contact Page and select "Request Return" in the email form and we send somebody to pick up your Nolah mattress again for a FREE Return and FULL REFUND. In most cases, we donate the mattress to a local charity for somebody else to get a great sleep.

It’s designed to be universally comfortable with a medium firmness that can fit any sleep preference, body weight, and shape. It’s not too firm, not too soft, but just right and a 5.0 on the 10.0 firmness scale.

This perfect feel is achieved by our Nolah AirFoam™ that has the bouncy support of Latex and gentle body contouring of Memory Foam.

Since Nolah AirFoam™ is not temperature sensitive, (unlike Memory Foam), it sleeps cooler and also stays consistent throughout seasonal temperature changes.

You can use the Nolah mattress on any flat surface.

If you have a box spring or foundation already, then great, you can use them for the Nolah mattress as well. If not, don’t worry; just place the Nolah mattress directly on the floor or other flat supportive surface. Slats work as well, but please ensure they are no more than 3-4" apart.

Simple: because we’ve gone to great lengths to remove all the middlemen in the conventional mattress supply chain.

When you shop at you aren’t paying for wholesaler’s profits, exorbitant retail store markups, or high rent cost for fancy New York or LA showrooms (like other online mattress companies). And you certainly aren’t paying for a pushy salesperson to receive a high sales commissions.

When you shop at you’re only paying for the mattress itself, and not all the other hidden costs that drive up the cost of a traditional retail mattress so much.

Online, you can buy a Queen mattress that would cost $3,200+ in-store for just $949. That’s more than $2,200 in savings.

All you need to know

Because we removed all the middlemen of the mattress industry and sell directly to you from our US factories! Our Queen mattress cost $949 online and a comparable Queen mattress in retail using similar foams cost $3,200. The result is huge cost savings that we pass on to our customers.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, we do not we have costly distribution centers, expensive retail locations or pushy sales people on high commission. We even removed the exorbitant cost for flashy New York and LA showrooms and instead gives you a heavenly foam mattress at an awesome price.

Most notable the Nolah Air Foam™ differs from Memory foam by being 4x times more pressure relieving.

Our tests show 4x times less peak pressure on the sleepers’ hip and back area when compared to high-end Memory Foam. Nor does the Nolah Air Foam™ sleep hot, but stays cool, as it's not temperature sensitive; Memory foam is.

The Nolah foam also keeps a consistent feel throughout seasonal temperature changes. It’s also much faster responsive than Memory foam, which creates better comfort and body contouring.

Our cover is made from an exclusive blend of luxurious soft Viscose fibres and high-end polyester fibres that wick away moisture and dissipates excess body heat for a cooler and more comfortable nights sleep.

It’s a new type of innovative pneumatic (air filled) foam. It's a foam made under high pressure and then crushed to blast billions of microscopic air pockets inside the foam, hence our name "Nolah Air Foam".

Our Nolah Air Foam is basically filled with billions of tiny air pockets acting as individual shock absorbers creating a true personalized sleep comfort for everybody.

It's the support of traditional Memory Foam and the bounce of Latex. Nolah Air Foam is not temperature sensitive, so it also sleeps much cool and does not trap in heat as Memory Foam does.

Read more about the Nolah Foam by clicking here.

Nolah is an all foam mattress. Plain and simple.

That said, it’s a very special and modern foam mattress combining the best properties of traditional Memory Foam and Latex into one solution.

Both Memory Foam and Latex are old inventions that have not enjoyed any noticeable technologic development for decades, so we decided it was about time that somebody made an upgraded foam mattress; thus we creating the Nolah Air Foam™ and the Nolah Mattress.

The warranty covers product defects not caused by normal wear and tear. So in other words; you're covered!

Read the full warranty terms here.

You order the Nolah mattress from, we deliver it FREE of charge to your front door, you sleep on it for minimum 30 nights and up to 120 nights and if you don’t like it, you give us a call or write us an email requesting a return and we send somebody to pick up Nolah again.

No fuzz, no nag, just happy return and all your money back. You only need to email us proof of pick up, by scan or photo of the pick slip you get from the driver, and we refund you in FULL.

We have no hidden fees, no return cost and it's essentially you getting all your money back again if you are not 100% satisfied with Nolah.

The Nolah mattresses are made right here in the USA. They are made on one of our 8 factories across the US. All the materials used in our mattresses, both foam and cover are also 100% made in the USA.

From one of our 8 US-based factories.

We produce each Nolah to your specific order and ship it from the factory closest to your requested delivery address.

We recommend up to 30 days.

You could store the Nolah mattress longer, but why would you, when you can sleep on it and enjoy some of the best sleep you ever had!

Nolah does not contain any fire retardant chemicals, but instead uses a safe fire retardant sock made of woven silica that extinguishes the fire before it reaches the actual foam. It’s the best and safest fire protection solution available without the use of chemicals.

No, it does not. 

You and your partner can move independently of each other without feeling each other’s movement. This is due to the billions of air pockets inside the Nolah Air Foam, creating an isolated and individual movement zone that does not distribute throughout the entire mattress.

Its one of the reasons why Nolah is so popular with couples sleeping together :)

No it does not, but it still needs to gas off when unboxed from its shipping carton. After off gassing the Nolah foam is completely odorless.

No, it does not.

The Nolah foam mattress is not temperature sensitive, so it sleeps cool and does not trap heat as traditional Memory Foam does.

Any form of Memory Foam is viscoelastic, meaning that the foam contains a chemical that reacts to body heat. This is what makes up the main property of Memory Foam, but also the main issue, that it trap in body heat to sleep hot and uncomfortable. 

The Nolah Air Foam™ is temperature neutral as it does not contain the viscoelastic chemical and therefore sleeps cooler than any Memory Foam mattress with or without cooling gel!


The Nolah mattress has a firm core with a soft top. It gives the perfect feel of being firm, while still feeling soft, creating a universal comfort that fit almost any body shape and weight.

Some people call it “Goldilocks” feel, others say it's “just right” being not too soft nor too firm, but honestly, it's best to just try it for yourself, which is why we offer you 120 nights in your own home to sleep on it. Then you can determine if it's also the perfect feel for your personal sleep preference.

Latex is springy, but don’t contour to the sleepers’ body. The Nolah foam is both springy and with the ability to contour to the sleepers body.

We achieved this double effect by creating a foam that has bounce, while at the same time being packed with billions of microscopic air pockets, that reacts and contour after the sleeper's body. It’s bounce and comfort in one foam.

Due to Nolah's high-resilience poly foam, the mattress should easily support 700lbs total or 350lbs weight per person per side. 

  • 350lbs for Twin, Twin XL, and Full.
  • 700lbs for Queen, King and Cal King.

If you're worried about accommodating someone significantly heavier than that, please be assured that any sleeper, regardless or weight, should be able to achieve the cooling comfort of the Nolah mattress. That said, while a significantly heavier sleeper will not void the warranty, it may cause Nolah to soften more quickly than with an average weight sleeper and therefore may eventually alter the comfort providing abilities of Nolah. 


Mattress Size

A standard King size W: 76” x L: 80” mattress is slightly shorter (-4”) than the California King, but also slightly wider (+4”).

The California King size W: 72” x L: 84” mattress is thus slightly longer (+4”), but also slightly more narrow across (-4”).

The Nolah mattress is a full 10" high. 

10" is the sweet spot for mattresses and where you, the customer, gets the best value in terms of height, price, and comfort. 

The 10" height is composed of 2" Nolah Air Foam, 1" High-Resilience foam and 7" high-density base foam.


Length and Width dimensions are standard US mattress sizes. The height of Nolah is a tall 10”.

  • Twin                      H: 10” x W: 39” x L: 75”
  • Twin XL                 H: 10” x W: 39” x L: 80”
  • Full                        H: 10” x W: 54” x L: 75”
  • Queen                   H: 10” x W: 60” x L: 80”
  • King                      H: 10” x W: 76” x L: 80”
  • Cal King                H: 10” x W: 72” x L: 84”
Maintenance & Use

Yes, you can.

With all mattresses used directly on the floor, they need to be ventilated once a week to ensure moist does not accumulate underneath; especially if your floor is natural wood or carpet.

Yes, but we recommend that you spot clean only using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Please ensure that the cover is 100% dry before putting on sheets. It’s not recommendable to wash or dry-clean the cover, as it might shrink and distort the fit of the cover on Nolah.

No, you do not.

Nolah is not designed to require flipping and should be used only with the topside turning upwards. As with any mattress, we do recommend that you rotate Nolah 180 degree every 3-6 months to ensure that you sleep on the full surface area.

No, you do not need to air your Nolah mattress.

If you use your Nolah mattress on a solid flat surface and live in a moist region, we do recommend that you once in a while prop-up Nolah from the surface to let any excess moisture evaporate.

The Nolah mattress can be used with almost any bed frame.

Most of our customers just continue to use their current bedframe with their new Nolah mattress. If your bed frame is slated, please ensure that the slats are not more than 3".

Any box spring, foundation, hardwood floor or carpet will all work great for your Nolah mattress.

We recommend prop-up of your Nolah mattress once a week to ensure moist doesn't collect underneath.

If you live in a humid environment we do recommend that you use a bedframe to lift Nolah from the floor to ensure air circulation underneath the mattress preventing moist to accumulate.

Safety & Certification

Nolah has undergone extensive fire testing to ensure it meets U.S Federal Government safety regulations. Nolah fully complies with federal regulations 16 CFR 1633 and 1632.

We have not used any fire retardant chemicals to meet federal fire safety regulations. Instead, Nolah is wrapped in a proprietary woven silica sock that prevents flames and fire to ignite the mattress.

Nolah has the CertiPUR-US® foam safety certification, meaning that it’s a safe consumer product and have been subjected to rigorously testing before final approval.

The CertiPUR-US® certification proves that the Nolah Foam is made without ozone depleting chemicals, without PBDE flame retardants, without Mercury, lead or other heavy metals, without formaldehyde, without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Its also proven to be low VOC (volatile organic compound) emission for indoor air quality (<0.5 parts per million.

General Buying

That really depends on your personal preference, but below is a couple of guidelines.

  • Twin – Most used size for many adults and children under 5 feet 10”. It also fit in most trundle and bunk beds.
  • Twin XL – Same as the Twin, but longer. Its great for adults above 5 feet 10” or for those that just wants more space to stretch on.
  • Full – Most spacious size for single sleeper adults and children. Its wider than any Twin, but quite tight for two adult sleepers.
  • Queen – Most popular size for two adult sleepers. Its wide and long, providing a good sleep surface for couples.
  • King – The widest of all mattress sizes. It’s the preferred choice for two adults liking to spread out and people sleeping with pets or couples with kids.
  • Cal King – The longest of all mattresses. It’s great for two adults and couples that prefer length above width.

Not necessarily. Our Nolah mattress fits more than 98.6% of all sleepers trying it for the 120 night trial period.

That you have to try a mattress before buying it is a common misconception. Think about it for a second; how much value does it really give you to try a mattress fully clothed in a store for 5 minutes during the day? Not much.

So that’s why we instead offer you the opportunity to try Nolah risk-free for 120 nights in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t love Nolah after the first 30 nights and before the 120th night, you just request a return using the email form on our Contact Page and we send somebody to pick up Nolah again. Select the subject "Request Return" in the email form. And yes you get 100% of your money fully refunded! No hidden fees or gimmicks, just straightforward mattress shopping.

No, we don’t have expensive showrooms. Besides, if you know somebody that already owns a Nolah you can steal for a night :)

We decided to be truly 100% online to be able to give you best prices and the best materials. Like most other online mattress companies we don’t have expensive New York and Hollywood showrooms costing us a fortune we subsequently need to load into our prices.

We operate 100% online and yes, that means you cant try Nolah before buying, but instead you save up to $2,000 on a Nolah Queen versus a comparable retail Queen mattress bought in a brick and mortar mattress store.  

Many of our customers donate their old mattress to local charities such as the Salvation Army or Homeless Shelters, just remember that to donate a used mattress it need to be rip, tear and stain free. Another option is to call your local recycling service that often has a program for used mattresses.

Shipping & Delivery

A big fat $0!

We offer FREE shipping and delivery in 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Returns are also free of charge.

In essence all delivery cost, both ways, delivery and returns are always on us and will cost you nothing.

Yes, you will receive a UPS Tracking Number when your Nolah mattress departs from our factory. This is usually 3-5 days after you placed your order and received your Order Confirmation by email.

We build all Nolah mattresses to order, which is why it takes 3-5 before it ships from our factories.

Your benefit is a brand new virgin mattress that is not more than a couple of days old. Compared to a mattress bought in a brick and mortar store this is a lot better, as a store mattress can be months and sometimes years old before it's actually sold in the store. 


Shipping usually takes 2-5 days after your new Nolah mattress departs from our factories.

Please remember that we build all Nolah mattresses brand new to your order, so it takes 3-5 days for the mattress to leave our factory.

In total you should expect 5-10 days from order to your Nolah mattress arrives at your front door, but then it's also handcrafted and made just for you, really it is :) 

Unfortunately not.

We're not able to specify exact delivery dates through UPS, but we can help you with other special delivery instructions. You can leave these in the field called "Special instructions for Nolah Sleep" in the Cart on

No, you cant. Sorry.

All Nolah mattresses are produced to each induvidual order and shipped directly from our factories to your front door. There is no warehouse or pickup location where Nolah mattresses are stored for pick up. This is to reduce cost on warehousing and inventory so we can pass on the savings to our customers instead.

We ship using two different boxes.

Twin, Twin XL, and Queen mattresses ship in a box that measure 15”x15”x41” and King and Cal King mattresses ship in a box that measure 19”x19”x44”.

No, not at the moment.

We might ship to Canada in the future, but at the moment there are no confirmed plans.

No, we do not ship internationally.

We ship to the 48 continuous states; Hawaii and Alaska excluded.

No we do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Sorry :(

It happens very rarely, but it might be that UPS misplaced or made the delivery to the wrong address. Have you checked next door?

In any case, please call us right away and we get in touch with UPS to sort it out. In some cases it can take up to 2 days for UPS to track down your Nolah mattress, but we will follow up and guarantee that you will receive your Nolah Mattress!

Because your new Nolah Mattress has not yet left our factory.

We handcraft all Nolah Mattresses brand new to each order and it takes 3-5 days, whereafter it’s shipped from our factory to your font door. When it ships from the factory we update your order and send you the UPD Tracking Number, so you can follow it all the way from the factory to your front door. 

Not necessarily, but delays are more prone to occur during Holidays, so we advise to order minimum 14 to 21 days before expected delivery day; just to be sure. In most cases the delivery will be made within our normal delivery time of 5-10 days from Order Confirmation to arrival at your front door.


Yes, Sales Tax is charged for your state. Sales Tax rate depends on your State and will be charged automatically during Check Out at

We accept all major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and more.

No not directly through us, as we have already passed on all saving on to you by selling exclusively online and cutting away the middleman, fancy showrooms and expensive brick and mortar stores.  

That said, we do offer a very attractive Referral Program and there are websites on the Internet that from time to time offer Referral Discount codes valid for purchases on

No, you do not pay for shipping. That the short and simple answer.

All shipping cost is on us, so you pay absolutely nothing. And this is for Returns as well, that also comes at the price of $0!


No, you do not pay for returns.

All returns are always free of charge and always on us. The price for returns = $0!

You go to our Contact page and use the email form to request your return. Please select the subject "Request Return" in the email form on our contact page.

Depending on your State, we’ll either find a charity organization to donate your Nolah mattress to or if required by State law, arrange that Nolah is properly recycled through the local State mattress-recycling program. Either way we’ll take care of your return. Only thing you need to do is to email us a scan or digital photo of the pick up receipt. We will then fully refund your Nolah mattress purchase in full.

Please allow 7-10 for us to arrange with a local charity or mattress-recycling program. We refund your purchase within 7 days after receiving your pick receipt.

Our driver will remove your Nolah Mattress when they come and pick it up for charity or recycling, depending on your State.

You do not pack your mattress for return. Just leave it unboxed and our driver will take care of the rest.

No you do not need to keep the box for returns, but we recommend that you keep it for fun and games :) 

There is almost endless possibilities to use the Nolah as toy vehicles, spacecrafts, fortresses for your children and much more. Only your imagination sets the limit, just cut some holes in the box and see what you can create!

We’ll love to see your box creations, so please upload them to our Facebook page for others to get inspired by your creativity.

No, you do not have to ship Nolah back in its original box. While we donate Nolah or recycle it, the box is all yours to keep :)

A lot of our customers use the Nolah box for fun and games. With a little bit of creativity the box can be cut into a space ship for your children, a fortress to hide within, and a lot more depending on your level of creativity. 

Post your fun and games with the box on our Facebook page using the hashtag #nolahfun.

No, not unless you are super human.

We use a 20.000lbs industrial press to fit Nolah in its box, so you need to be overly strong to copy that impressive stunt.

In most cases, it's donated to a local charity to make somebody else very happy!

Some States do not allow donations of used mattresses, so here we dispose of Nolah using the local State mattress-recycling program. In either way, Nolah lives on and will eventually bring happiness into somebody else’s life.

It takes up to 7 days from we receive your pickup receipt.

You need to email us a scan or digital photo of the pickup receipt for us to start the refund process. If you have any questions in this regard we are ready by the phones and over email.

Our contact information is here.



The warranty is 15 years, which is 50% longer than most other online mattress companies that often only have 10 years warranty.

Read the full warranty here.

The warranty covers any defect on the Nolah mattress not caused by normal wear and tear. In other words, if there is a product defect; you're fully covered and we'll either replace or repair your Nolah mattress, so it meets our quality level and your full satisfaction.

You can read the full warranty here.

You simply contact us through phone or email. Our contact information is right here.


We do not recommend any specific setup for Nolah, as the mattress rest equally well on any flat surface. In most cases our customers use their old bed setup and place their new Nolah where their old mattress where before. As simple as that.

Yes, you can use your old bed setup.

In fact that’s what most of our customers do. They simply replace their old mattress with a new Nolah mattress.

Yes, you can use you old foundation for your new Nolah mattress.

Yes you can use any box spring for Nolah.

Yes, slats work well with Nolah, though you need to ensure that the slats are not more than 3” apart.

Yes, Nolah works excellent with an adjustable bedframe. If the adjustable bedframe has slats, then you need to ensure that the slats are not more than 3” apart.

No, you cannot use Nolah on a sofabed, as they fold along the middle; something the Nolah mattress has not been designed to do.

You can use whatever sheet you prefer. We often recommend using your current sheets, as these will fit just fine on Nolah.

The short answer is no, you don’t have to. But… Though it does help to use a mattress protector. After all the function of the mattress protector is to “protect” the mattress underneath, so also on Nolah, a mattress protector will help you keep Nolah fresh and new as long as possible.

It can have a break in period for some - generally, the more worn and old your previous mattress was the longer it takes to get used to a new one.

Rest assured, it is very normal that it takes time to adjust :-)

Give it at least 30 nights for the foam to settle in and for your body to get used to the new feel. 

See for yourself here :)

Yes, you surely can!

We would be super excited if you would spare a minute or two to tell others and us about your experience with Nolah :)

After purchase, we'll send you a Review Request Email with details on how to write a review. 

No, you do not need to change your bed to use the Nolah mattress. Nolah can be used on any bed setup with a flat surface.


You unbox Nolah through 4 simple steps.

First you take Nolah out of the shipping box, secondly, position it where you want to sleep, third, tear away the protective plastic and fourth watch your Nolah mattress expand and come to alive right in front of you.

  1. Take Nolah out of its shipping box
  2. Position it where you want to sleep
  3. Tear away the protective plastic
  4. Watch Nolah expand and come to live

See a real customer unboxing video here.

Refer a Friend

Yes, you can!

You can give your friends and family $50 off their new Nolah mattress by using our Refer a Friend program here.

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