What Is Spooning?

Spooning is the intimate act of cuddling that releases feel-good hormones, boosts intimacy and immune system health. Spooning can be a prelude to sex or a snuggle session on the couch. Feel connected to your partner, safe, and cozy.   

The spooning cuddle position- as any form of cuddling, releases oxytocin that promotes bonding between you and your partner

What Are the Benefits of Spooning?

The spooning cuddle position- as any form of cuddling, releases oxytocin that promotes bonding between you and your partner. Dopamine floods your body when you do something pleasurable, eating chocolate cake, running, or classic spooning. Healthy, pleasurable activities boost your immune system, lowers blood pressure, and helps you get better, deeper sleep.       

Types of People that Enjoy Spooning

The spoon position is a way for two people who care about each other to get close and enjoy a nap or get intimate, the skin to skin contact from classic spooning (especially if both partners are sleeping naked) encourages sexual activities.     

What Is Spooning Someone?

Spooning refers to being cuddled from behind by your partner as you lay on your side. The big spoon (the one behind) puts their arm under the neck of the small spoon (the one being cuddled) so the big spoon's arms are wrapped around the small spoon.  

What Is the Difference Between Spooning and Cuddling?

Spooning is a type of cuddling that boosts physical intimacy. Spooning and cuddling is not necessarily for couples, it can be something that platonic friends do. Spooning may be considered more intimate than a regular cuddle as spooning involves lying on your side.   

Spooning and Relaxation

Cuddling where two people lies on their side releases feel-good hormones and boosts feelings of relaxation and safety.   

Types of Spoons

Big Spoon and Little Spoon

The big spoon will wrap their arms around the little spoon as both lies on their side. Typically, the taller/ bigger spoon will be the cuddler and the smaller partner will be the cuddlee.  

Little Spoon and Jetpack 

Sometimes the bigger partner will need a snuggle from behind, in this instance the smaller partner will act as a jetpack, spoon position from behind. 

Upside Down Y

An alternative to classic spooning is the upside-down Y. Where a couple sleeps with their backs to each other but their butts touch. This is a more free-range spoon position but still has the intimacy of touching as you sleep.    

Ball and Spoon

A classic spoon position but the small spoon curls up like a ball in the fetal position.  


Another classic spoon position but the legs of both partners are intertwined. It May not be the most comfortable for sleep but is an intimate cuddle position.  

Paper Dolls

For those who are uncomfortable in the spoon position, an alternative is paper dolls. Both partners lie on their backs with legs and sides touching. This position allows you to hold hands and is perfect for back sleepers.   


The benefits of spooning are skin to skin contact (if sleeping in the nude), boosted physical intimacy, boosted immune system, feelings of safety, and more frequent sex. Although the spoon position can be platonic, it’s generally an intimate cuddle position, is comforting, can boost feelings of wellbeing, and help you sleep better too.   

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