Getting rid of Your Mattress? Try Mattress Donation

If you’re getting a new mattress and have used a mattress protector or topper, you may be able to donate your old mattress. Used but reusable mattresses clog up landfills every year, if you’re wondering what to do with your old mattress, let’s discover some disposal options because donating mattresses and donating beds is eco-friendly, charitable, and helpful for your community.

The laws of bed donations to charities differ from state to state

Can you Donate a Mattress?

A used mattress could be accepted for donation but will be scrutinized for cleanliness. 

Your mattress donation will be accessed for:

  • Stains 
  • Rips 
  • Tears
  • Holes 
  • Bed bug or mold 

Are all Mattresses Accepted for Donation?

The laws of bed donations to charities differ from state to state and charities themselves will have their own rules of mattress donation. It is best to contact your chosen charity directly to clarify their stance. Donating a bed has a better chance of being accepted if it is in a usable condition. Be honest with yourself about the condition. Consider its size too as charities keep a lot of different household items in their stores, they may not have enough space to display or store your donation if it’s a large mattress, a small mattress such as a crib or twin-size may have a better chance of being accepted. 

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How to Prepare Your Mattress for Donation? 

  • Remove all the bedclothes 
  • Vacuum the entire mattress, use the upholstery attachment to get into every crevice 
  • Check the entire mattress for stains, holes, bugs, or mold (and dispose of the mattress if these are found) 
  • Follow this guide to freshen up your mattress before donation
  • Store your mattress on its side in a cool dry room, cover with painters plastic or tarp if you can while you wait for mattress donation pick up

Where can you Donate a Mattress? 

Donating old Mattresses to Charitable Organizations

Local Thrift Stores 

No- your local thrift store does NOT accept mattress donations due to health and sanitary regulations 

Do Goodwill take mattresses?

No- Goodwill do NOT accept used mattresses, pillows, or box springs

Does the Salvation Army take used mattresses? 

No- Salvation Army does NOT accept used mattresses but may take a bed frame 

Does Donation Town take used mattresses? 

Donation Town will help you find a local charity that may accept your used mattress 

Does Habitat for Humanity take used mattresses?

No- Habitat for Humanity do NOT accept used mattresses 

National Furniture Bank Association 

  • The National Furniture Bank Association operates an online database of those in need of home furnishings, especially mattresses
  • Furniture Bank may accept a used mattress if it meets their standards, contact them for an evaluation before dropping it off
  • If accepted, most facilities offer a free pick up service
  • They place the items with less fortunate individuals and families preparing to move into housing
  • If you can’t donate used mattress, consider donating any other household items that may be of good use


  • Online marketplaces could be a viable option to donate your mattress, some of them have a free listing section for mattress recycling
  • Be honest about the condition when donating old mattresses, otherwise, your time will be wasted when people come to view them, it is best to include as many pictures from all angles as possible, this could also help a quick mattress give away 
  • Be mindful that selling or giving away items online can be a time-consuming process, you have to take time to make the listing, respond to queries, and allow time for viewings, just because someone is coming to view it does not mean they will take it away 
  • Is it legal to sell a used mattress? Find out, here 

Can you Donate a Bed Frame?

  • YES - most bed frames can be donated
  • Most charities accept bed frames but they must be in good useable condition, but, if you want to donate box spring you may run into trouble as these may not be accepted
  • The most widely accepted bed frame types are wood and steel 
  • Not all charities or non-profits will accept bed frames as they can be quite bulky items, contact your chosen charity to clarify directly  

Bonus: Is it Possible to Recycle a Mattress?  

Mattress disposal or donate mattress are not your only options, if you feel like using your imagination and having some fun you could upcycle the mattress. The materials in a mattress could be reused to make couch cushions, decorations, pet beds, pillows, rugs, or even a piece of art. It’s environmentally friendly because your old mattress is not being sent to the landfill, and you’re getting crafty which is good for the soul. 

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An old mattress that is in good usable condition could get a new lease of life if you donate mattress to homeless shelter. Contact your local shelter who may be happy to take it off your hands. Charities that take mattresses can be few and far between because they need to be in near perfect condition to be accepted. To donate beds be mindful of their condition, if the mattress is heavily soiled, torn, or has bugs it’s best to get a mattress disposal company to deal with it.

If the mattress is in good condition but not accepted by any charities you’ve approached, consider using your DIY skills to refashion that old mattress into a new piece of furniture or work of art. Donating mattress sheets and bedding falls into the same rules, be mindful of their condition and if not suitable for donation, upcycling could work for them too. 

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Where to Donate a Mattress?

If the mattress is in reusable condition, your local charity may take your old mattress. Homeless shelters are always on the lookout for good-quality items. Not all charities accept mattress donations due to health regulations so contact them first. If you’re unable to find a charity, you could consider upcycling the mattress.