How to Stay Cool at Night: Proven Tips to Beat the Heat While You Sleep!

During the cold winter months, we dream about the long hot summer days full of barbecues, lounging on the beach, and vacation sunshine. If you’re a hot sleeper, the summer nights can bring even more restless sleep rather than relaxing days and nights. 

There are many options for keeping your bedroom cool and fresh during the summer months, even if you don’t have air conditioning. Sleeping hot in the summer can be avoided with these handy tips. 

How to Cool a Hot Room

  • Put a Pan Full of Ice in Front of a Fan: An old school but very effective method to make your room cooler is to put a bowl or pan of ice in front of your table fan, it makes the air cooler and could help you sleep better in the heat.

  • Keep Curtains Drawn During the Day: If you get direct sunlight through your windows during the day, in winter it can keep your bedroom nice and warm but in the summer, it’s best to keep your curtains drawn a little to keep your room cooler but still allow the light in.

  • Ensure That There's a Cross Breeze: A cooling cross-breeze can be enjoyed during hot summer days by opening your bedroom window and another window or door on the opposite side of the house, this forces fresh air through the house and into your bedroom.  

  • Use a Mattress Pad: A cooling mattress topper can provide cooling relief if you’re sleeping on a memory foam mattress because they typically sleep hot due to the heat-trapping memory foam.

How to Sleep When It's Hot

Enjoy a cool shower before bed and open your bedroom window if you can, the fresh air will not only cool down your bedroom but will keep your mattress fresh too. A desk fan by your bed on a low setting will work wonders, cooling cotton sheets are advisable as they are breathable and comfortable. 

How to Cool a Hot Room

Open your bedroom window and another window or door on the opposite side of the house. This creates a cooling and refreshing cross breeze. The ventilation through the house will keep your bedroom fresh all night, this could also prolong the lifespan of your mattress by providing much needed ventilation.  

How to Sleep in the Heat

  • Take a Cold Shower Before Bedtime: A cool shower before bed washes away the sweat of the day but also cools you down for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Bamboo Sheets: The best cooling sheets for hot sleepers are made of breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo. They're lightweight and ultra-soft for comfortable sleep on hot summer nights. 

  • Put Your Sheets in the Fridge: Put your sheets in a freezer bag and then put the bag into the fridge or freezer for a short time. It may offer some cooling comfort for a few minutes as you fall asleep.

  • Eat Light and Fresh: Light meals are much easier on your digestive system so easier to metabolize, if you’re hungry before bed, stick to a light snack.

  • Drink Water Before Bed: keeping hydrated during the day is essential for good physical and sleep health, try to sip water throughout the day rather than drinking lots before bed to avoid being woken up when nature calls! 

  • Use a Cold Water Bottle: Your trusty hot water bottle keeps you snug in the winter but it can also bring cooling relief in the summer, half fill the hot water bottle with tap water and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, then wrap it in a towel and put it under your sheet for cooling relief.

Best Pillow for Hot Sleepers

The best pillows for hot sleepers are made with temperature-neutral materials like Nolah AirFoam™ and offer superior support. You lose a lot of heat through your head, so a cooling and supportive pillow is vital for nighttime comfort.  

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers 

It’s unbearable when it’s too hot to sleep and upgrading your mattress may seem like an extreme solution but could bring long lasting comfort. The best mattresses for hot sleeper will be made of the same temperature neutral material as a stay cool pillow.

Temperature neutral materials ensures your body heat flows through the material rather than being trapped in the mattress. Memory foam mattresses typically sleep hot because they contain viscoelastic chemicals. A more breathable mattress material free from these chemicals, such as AirFoam™ or natural latex, offers greater cooling comfort. 

Tips for Staying Cool at Night

  • Keep your room cool during the day
  • Create a cross breeze
  • Use ice packs
  • Use the right mattress and bedding


As you can see, there are many ways to cool a room and keep your bedroom cooler for longer. Cooling cotton sheets, a bedside fan, enjoying a cool shower before bed could help you to sleep cooler tonight.  

A temperature neutral mattress and pillow are a more long term cooling solution. A breathable mattress and pillow ensure fresh air ventilates through the material and dissipates your body heat from the material.

Sleeping hot every night is a nuisance and steals your valuable sleep. Restful sleep is essential to maintaining physical health, therefore, make restful sleep a priority with these handy ways to cool a room.