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Does It Help To Know About Good Sleep Habits Without Acting?

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Apr 07, 2016
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Does It Help To Know About Good Sleep Habits Without Acting?
There are countless studies published with supportive sleep statistics showing how people can sleep better, yet it turns out the majority of people don’t walk the walk or talk the talk. According to the Better Sleep Council, 48 percent of Americans admit that they don’t get enough sleep, and less than half of those people don’t change their habits to get more sleep.

What we can’t wrap our minds around is this correlation between knowing and doing, or knowing and not-doing in this case.

We know that sleep helps us perform better during the day.

We know that we should get more sleep or get better sleep.

We know that sleep deprivation can cause people to turn into zombies who are performing as well as drunk drivers who are so cranky or slap-happy that they turn themselves a bit crazy.

Yet, as a majority, Americans don’t do anything about it.

What Are The Sleep Statistics?

So, Americans, why aren’t you acting on your sleep deprivation?

Instead of becoming another number in these sleep statistics, take action to improve your sleep habits. Your health and energy will thank you!
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