12 Tips on how to Improve Circulation in Legs While Sleeping

Physical activity gets the blood pumping around your body for healthy lungs, heart, and muscle function. With good blood circulation, white blood cells are carried around your body and dropped off where needed to help you fight injury or illness. Waste is removed from your organs more efficiently with good blood circulation. Thus, being active and getting your blood pumping every day is vital to your health. 

If you have poor circulation in legs, you’re recovering from illness or surgery, or have a medical condition that makes you partially immobile, you could improve your blood flow with these 12 tips.   

Symptoms of Poor Circulation 

Poor blood circulation symptoms:

  • Muscle cramps 
  • Pain
  • Tingling or numbness in hands and feet 
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Wounds heal slowly 
  • Varicose veins
  • Lethargy 

Tips on how to Improve Circulation in Legs While Sleeping  


To increase blood flow to feet, legs, and body, a simple walk can be very effective. You can walk anywhere and can use a walker if you need assistance. This low impact exercise contracts the veins in your legs, improving blood flow and lowers blood pressure. It makes you feel better too, especially if you’re walking outside in the fresh air. 


One of the best way to improve circulation in feet and body is to do some light stretches every day. Stretching can even be done sitting down and will improve blood circulation , carrying oxygen and white blood cells all around your body. You’ll improve flexibility, enhance your mood, and may even learn to do the splits!  

Finding the Correct Position 

Being mindful of your posture when sitting and standing can improving leg circulation. If you’re in the habit of sitting with one leg over the other, dangling your foot in mid air, this could be harming the blood circulation in your lower extremities. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, use a foot rest under your desk or in front of the sofa for added comfort. Use a foot pillow in bed, propping your feet up as you sleep is great for poor circulation while sleeping

Compression Stockings 

Compression socks could be a good blood circulation in legs remedies when flying or lying down for a prolonged period. The pressure from the socks pushes blood up to your heart and can prevent your legs from getting sore and tired. They could also ease the discomfort from swollen ankles and feet, and can prevent varicose veins. As the blood is continuously moving in your lower legs it makes it difficult to clot.

Avoid Smoking 

Smoking is terribly damaging to your health and can cause your ankles and feet to swell from poor circulation. Blood vessels become narrow and this limits blood flow, causing a dramatic decrease in oxygen and nutrients flowing through your bloodstream. Just one hypnotherapy session is enough to help you stop smoking for good. You could also try herbal cigarettes to help you quit as these do not contain nicotine.  

Manage Your Stress Levels

An important poor blood circulation treatment is stress management. Stressful situations will always pop up in life but how you manage these moments can be the difference between good and poor blood circulation.Blood flow is impeded when you suffer stress, oxygen requirement increases but your coronary blood vessels are constricted. Everyone manages stress in different ways, some walk in the park, others lift weights, some listen to music or play an instrument, some write in a journal or make art, some people cook, and others find stress relief in washing the dishes. Find a stress management technique that works for you.    

Elevate Your Legs

Poor circulation while sleeping can be helped by putting a pillow under your feet. When your feet are raised above your heart, it prevents blood pooling in your legs. You can also pop your feet on a footstool when sitting. 

Use Knee Pads

Compression knee pads (like athletes wear) can improve poor circulation in legs. Some knee pads are heated to provide even greater comfort. Blood circulation is improved in a similar way to compression socks, keeping the blood moving to avoid clots.  

Bed Wedge/Pillows 

Poor circulation in legs when lying down could be improved with a pillow under your feet, or between your knees as a side sleeper. Wedge pillows are perfect for elevating your head and back, snoring and sleep apnea can be improved, opening the airways and improving blood flow.      

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water every day is crucial to physical and mental health. Water flushes toxins out of your body and eases anxiety attacks. In dehydration mode, your blood pressure can drop, causing a disruption in the nutrients and oxygen your organs need to operate.  

Try a Massage 

Massage is a wonderful treatment for poor circulation in feet and body. During massage, lactic acid is flushed from your muscles, improving blood flow. Lymph fluid is more easily circulated, resulting in harmful waste being carried out of your system. Blood pressure is lowered, sore muscles are less tense, and blood circulation is improved with massage. You don’t need to attend any fancy clinics for a professional massage, hand held massage devices can be just as beneficial.  

Drink Tea

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, consuming black tea could improve blood circulation. A study by Boston university School of Medicine found that heart disease patients who consumed 4 cups of black tea a day for one month had greatly improved blood circulation. The flavonoids in the tea help to dilate the arteries, thin the blood, and lower blood pressure.   

Exercise Which Help Improve Your Blood Circulation 

When You’re Lying Down 

When You’re Sitting 

When You’re Standing 

Yoga for Leg Circulation

Yoga is one of the greatest exercises for body and mind. There are so many different styles of yoga to choose. From the gentle meditative Hatha yoga to the enduring strength of the Ashtanga. 21 million American adults are practicing yogis, try this easy 10 minute morning yoga routine for poor circulation in legs, and get the blood pumping.  


Are Recliners Bad for Leg Circulation 

Sitting for a prolonged period of time in bad posture can have a detrimental effect on blood circulation. The blood Flow is impeded because of inactive muscles, restricting much needed circulation. Sitting for too long in one position (airplane syndrome) can be combated with frequent breaks to walk around or do some stretches.   

What Type of Mattress is Best for Poor Circulation

The best mattress for blood circulation is pressure relieving and on the firmer side. A 7-8 medium-firm is ideal for those with poor circulation. Your body is cradled in a supportive hug and your spine is aligned, meaning fewer aches and pains. Put a pillow under your feet or between your knees for added comfort.  

How to Improve Circulation in Legs While Sleeping?

Elevated legs is the best sleeping position for circulation. This sleep position can be attained with a simple pillow under your feet. When your feet are above your heart as you sleep, gravity pulls more blood to your heart from your lower extremities. Improving blood circulation and making you sleep better and feeling better. 

How to Increase Blood Flow to Legs?

The best and cheapest poor blood circulation treatment is exercise. Walking, running, strength training, yoga, swimming, or any exercise you enjoy. Moving your body is a simple way to improve blood flow throughout your body. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water everyday in addition to exercise for improved blood circulation.     


You don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive gym membership to improve poor blood circulation. A simple walk in the park, sleeping with your legs elevated, light yoga, and gentle stretching can greatly improve your circulation.

The best way to sleep for circulation is to put a pillow under your feet. As a side sleeper you can put a pillow between your knees for greater comfort too. If you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, a wedge pillow behind your head and shoulders props you up to open the airways, allowing better sleep and blood circulation. 

A healthy diet of protein, fish, vegetables, and water every day is a crucial element in improving physical health, mental wellbeing, and blood circulation. 

A pressure relieving mattress could improve blood circulation and help you sleep better