How the Nolah Mattress Sleeps Cooler than Memory Foam


One of the most common difficulties people encounter when trying to get a good night’s sleep is temperature. And while you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that high-end mattresses (that regularly cost upwards of $3,000) would take this into consideration, the sad fact is they don’t.

Traditional memory foam actually “sleeps hot” for two reasons: 

  1. Heat-sensitive viscoelastic chemicals are used to imbue foam with it’s “memory” capabilities
  2. Memory foam sags over time as it reacts to your body heat and adjusts to your body’s contours, effectively cradling you in your own body heat
    Let’s examine these two aspects a bit further to understand why the Nolah mattress sleep much cooler than any other memory foam mattress and is considered by the experts to be the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

    Nolah 100% Free From Heat-Trapping Memory Foam Chemicals

    Nolah’s revolutionary new AirFoam® does not contain ANY heat-sensitive viscoelastic chemicals. 

    These heat-sensitive chemicals are what gives memory foam its “memory” capabilities, but this is DIRECTLY related to heat. These chemicals react to body heat, and actually store your body heat within the mattress.

    This is a serious limitation inherent to ALL types of memory foam.
    In contrast, Nolah’s AirFoam® is made from CertiPUR-USⓇ certified foams that are 100% free from harmful chemicals, which are bad for the environment. This also means that everything involved in the manufacturing of a Nolah mattress is 100% temperature-neutral.

    Nothing in a Nolah mattress is capable of reacting to your body heat, ensuring that it retains a cool, low temperature to guarantee you a more comfortable and restful sleep. 

    Superior Heat Dissipation

    The second temperature-related downside to memory foam is its poor ability to dissipate heat.

    As the foam begins to react to your body heat, it sags and adjusts its shape to fit the contours of your body (which is what you paid all that $$$ for), but this actually makes it WORSE at dissipating body heat. It creates a cradle of body heat retention, essentially insulating you with your own body heat as you sink into the mattress overnight.

    In comparison, Nolah AirFoam® doesn’t retain body heat (due to the fact that it’s produced without using any heat-sensitive chemicals), but also dissipates heat 20% faster than ultra high-end memory foam.

    Even memory foam mattress with supposed “cooling gels” are unable to match the heat dissipation of Nolah AirFoam® 


    Cooling agents, like gels, beads, and copper have no proven cooling effect during sleep, and are all industry gimmicks designed to camouflage the overheating problem inherent to all memory foam mattresses.

    A Cooler and More Consistent Sleep

    Memory foam mattresses also have a third vulnerability: seasonal change. Ever considered that your conventional mattress might feel differently in winter and summer temperatures? It does.

    The truth is that many people find their traditional memory foam gets hard in cold weather and soft in warm weather (again, due to the presence of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic chemicals used in their manufacturing), making for an inconsistent quality of sleep that is very difficult to rectify.

    Nolah, on the other hand, provides a cooler and more consistent sleep each and every night, regardless of the season, due to it’s 100% temperature-neutral status.

    That means you can bank on having an easier time falling asleep, waking up less often during the night, and waking up in the morning feeling relaxed and rested…
    The way it’s supposed to be!

    Try the most cooling mattress for hot sleepers for 120-night at home.  

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