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A Day Trip To The Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Jun 01, 2016
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A Day Trip To The Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary

Our partnership with Defenders of Wildlife encourages us to see the beauty in all wild creatures. It’s tough to see stories like the one circulating now about the child who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. Instead, we turn to Colorado’s eastern plains for a unique wilderness adventure at the Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Head East To Colorado’s Plains

Not too far from Denver resides Keenesburg, a quaint town with a love for rescuing and rehabilitating animals who have been neglected or shunned behind bars and into concrete cages thus far.

What’s Cool About The Wild Animal Sanctuary?


The Nitty Gritty Details

Directions From Denver


What To Bring

A wilderness adventure is incomplete without the proper gear.
Don’t forget:

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