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Nolah Adjustable Base w/massage

The adjustable base with all the features! Built-in head/foot massage, weightless Zero-G position, dual USB chargers and nightlight underneath the bed.
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Split King is designed to fit two Twin XL mattresses ?

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Easy 15-Min Set Up
10-Year Warranty

Built-In Massage & Zero-Gravity Position

Everything the Nolah Adjustable base has with extra cool features! Our premium base is the perfect fit to your Nolah mattress with head and feet elevation, head/foot massage, zero-g setting, dual built-in USB chargers, a wireless remote with programmable positions and under bed lighting.

Head and Foot Massage

Enjoy a relaxing head and foot massage in three different intensities to let the day’s stress fly away as often as you want.

Zero-G and Programmable Positions

14 button wireless remote control with pre-programmed Zero-G, anti-snore and flat position along with three programmable positions, so you can find and save the position just right for you.

Dual USB Chargers

Charge your phone easy at night with build in USB chargers. Never again look for the missing charger – just plug in and good night!

Built-In Nightlight

Dim nightlight underneath the bed turned on via the wireless remote. Never again do you have to turn on bright light and wake up your partner to get out of bed.

Your Top Questions Answered

You will receive your Nolah Adjustable Base w/Massage in 2-5 business days after placing your order.
Our adjustable bases are ready to ship from our warehouse in California and usually ships 1-2 business days after we receive the order. From our warehouse, it’s 1-4 days shipping with UPS to your zip code.
When shipped, you’ll receive a Shipping Notification with your UPS tracking number. The Shipping notification will be emailed to the email you used to place the order.
Real-time estimated delivery dates are updated in the “Estimated Delivery” link below the Add To Cart button on the Product Card where you select mattress size and wildlife adoption. 


1. Ready to ship: In a business day or two, we’ll ship your adjustable base from our warehouse in California.

2. UPS shipping: Packed in a box, it takes 1-4 business days shipping with UPS to your front door.

3. Arrival: Upon arrival, UPS will leave your adjustable base in front of our home. As the base contain electrical parts, please ensure that the box does not sit outside in wet/moist weather longer than necessary. Water soaking into the box damaging/destroying the electrical parts or not covered under warranty.
4. Set up: Easy 15-min set up with no tolls required. Instruction manual included. See FAQ for set up process.

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Setting the Nolah adjustable base is easy and can be done in 10-15 minutes.
We recommend being two people to carry the box into the room where you’ll set it up. After that, there are four easy steps to follow before your adjustable base is set up and ready to use.

1. Unbox: After bringing the box to the room where you’ll set it up, gently lay the box on its side and pull out the adjustable base.

2. Set up:You Nolah Adjustable Base comes pre-assembled and you only need to screw on the legs (no tools required). It’s an easy 15-min set up that can be done by one person, though we recommend being two people to help position the base in the room you want it set up.

3. Connect power/remote: When the base is set up, legs screwed on and you’ve moved it into the desired position, then connect the main power cord to the nearest wall outlet. When the green light on the main power box is lit, test the wireless remote to ensure the base has power and the remote works to control the base.

4. Synch the bases (OPTIONAL): If you have a split King and wish the bases to raise and lower simultaneously, you can use the synch cable to connect the motors underneath the bed. This will enable booths sides of the Split King to raise and lower simultaneously.

Need help? Start chat now or See our FAQ

Due to the nature of the product, there is no return or trial period.
10-Year Limited Warranty

Need help? Start chat now or See our FAQ
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