What Is the Best Mattress That Won’t Sag? A Comprehensive Guide

A saggy mattress can make you feel like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, rolling down the hill but minus the joy! A sagging mattress can sometimes be justified by its age but in many instances, it’s the material of the mattress that makes it saggy and uncomfortable.  

There are some things to consider when you’re shopping so you’ don’t end up with a saggy mattress

Sagging mattress back pain is an issue that can be reversed by adopting sleep hygiene techniques

Why Is my Mattress Sagging?

A sagging mattress could be due to:

  • Your body weight on the mattress 
  • How often it’s used 
  • Weak mattress foundation 

Is Your Sagging Mattress Causing Back Pain?

Sagging mattress back pain is an issue that can be reversed by adopting sleep hygiene techniques, gentle exercise, and potentially opting for a pressure relieving mattress.

sagging mattress could cause:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Hot sleeping

Sleeping on an uneven surface causes some muscles and joints to be put under strain. For instance, if your mattress sagging in middle, this could cause lower back problems because your spine is not aligned. If your mattress is sagging at the shoulder region, you could suffer neck and shoulder strain as a result.   

Are There Mattresses That Don’t Sag?

Mattresses that don't sag will be made of a modern material that provides superior pressure relief. A sinking bed has the potential to damage physical and sleep health. Therefore, it’s important to weigh up your options before making a decision. 

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Sag?

Mattress sagging could be an issue with memory foam mattresses as they contain heat trapping chemicals. The viscoelastic chemicals store your body heat and over time, sinkholes occur, making you feel like you're sleeping on quicksand.  

Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

Natural latex mattresses are among the most durable. With proper care, a latex mattress can last up to 20 years without sagging.  

Do Innerspring Mattresses Sag?

Innerspring mattresses rate high on the sagging index because they are made with a layer of springs wrapped in fabric or memory foam. Innerspring mattresses may not offer the same pressure relief as a modern mattress and motion transfer is high.  

What Is the Best Mattress That Won’t Sag in the Middle? 

The best mattress that won't sag in the middle doesn’t need to have an expensive price tag. However, the quality of materials used is an important factor to consider when shopping. Low-quality foam may not provide adequate pressure relief which could result in saggy mattress back pain.

Mattresses that don't sag are typically produced using modern sleep science techniques and extensive research and development. The contemporary procedures and knowledge that has gone into a modern mattress alternative, may bring better sleep comfort from its pressure relieving and cooling design.   

What Is the Best Soft Mattress That Won’t Sag?

When it comes to the best soft mattress that won't sag, you want your body to be gently cradled in a supportive hug. AirFoam™ mattresses are designed to offer superior pressure relief while being cozy and comfortable for every sleeper. The unique and breathable AirFoam™ surpasses memory foam, in pressure relief, cooling, and durability tests.  

What Is the Best Firm Mattress That Won’t Sag?

The best firm mattress that won't sag will provide the same benefits of comfort and pressure relief without the pushback of a typical firm mattress. A firm mattress should never feel like you’re sleeping on concrete. How can I buy a Mattress That Won’t Sag?

Looking for a mattress that won't sag is much easier than you think. You don’t need to waste time, visiting mattress stores laying down for five minutes, feeling rushed, and unsure. Shopping online for mattresses that don’t sag means you save time and hassle, you get a free trial for at least 100 nights with free delivery and return. 

The best mattress that won’t sag is pressure relieving, provides cooling comfort, and is durable. Consider a free trial of an AirFoam™ mattress which could be the end of your sinking mattress nightmares.

Shopping online for mattresses that don’t sag means you save time and hassle

What Is the Best Mattress That Won’t Sag?

  • Pressure relieving 
  • Cooling 
  • Durable 
  • Affordable 


You don’t have to suffer that sinking feeling when falling asleep any longer. If your mattress sagging on edges or middle, it could be time to improve your sleep health with a new mattress that will help you relax and sleep at night.  

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