What is Sleep Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness where you are more susceptible to suggestion. It does not mean that you are controlled or made to do something against your will, you are fully aware of your surroundings and able to respond to the hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation where your mind is more open to receiving helpful suggestions. 

Your mind is a powerful thing and hypnosis can help you unlock hidden potential and strength

Many people find they can quit smoking after just one session of hypnotherapy. Your mind is a powerful thing and hypnosis can help you unlock hidden potential and strength. If you are struggling to get restful sleep, sleep hypnosis could help you enter a state of deep relaxation to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.   

How Does Sleep Hypnosis Work? 

Sleep hypnosis is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy in that you are coached to enter an almost trance-like state in a professional setting. You are sitting or laying down relaxed as your hypnotherapist uses guided imagery to change your negative thought patterns and bad habits around sleep. You will not fall asleep during your session, the positive suggestions enter your subconscious to alter your behavior for the better. 

Sleep hypnosis can be performed by yourself at home

Sleep hypnosis can be performed by yourself at home. There are many guided meditations available online that you can follow to help you relax before sleep. When combating a sleep disorder it is vital to enter a state of relaxation, relaxing your mind and body is crucial to a good night’s sleep.  

Can Sleep Hypnosis Help Me Sleep Better?

Experiencing sleeping problems is a stressful time and stress is counterproductive to deep sleep. A wind-down bedtime routine is based on relaxation techniques. Deep sleep hypnosis calms your mind and body, when you feel relaxed it is much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep

How Does a Sleep Hypnosis Meditation Work?

Sleep hypnosis meditation works by the power of hypnotic suggestion to combat your sleep disorderSleep hypnosis work can be done yourself with guided meditation or you can see a professional hypnotherapist. At the beginning of the session, your hypnotherapist will explain the process and ask for your consent. 

The therapist will use verbal cues and focused attention to instill calming images and a positive attitude for better sleep quality

They will explain that you will be wide awake and aware of your surroundings. The therapist will use verbal cues and focused attention to instilling calming images and a positive attitude for better sleep quality. You will not fall asleep during your professional session but when listening to a guided meditation at home in your bed, you may drift off to sleep, which is the goal of at-home guided meditations. 

What Kind of Sleep Hypnosis Meditation is Available?

  • Hypnotherapy sessions with a licensed professional at their clinic 
  • Guided meditations found online 
  • Hypnotherapy books    

Can you get Deep Sleep Through Hypnosis?

Sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression not only affect your sleep but also your mental health. Hypnosis is a promising treatment as it is non-invasive, reasonably priced or free, and involves changing your behavior for the better through the power of positive hypnotic suggestion. If you have an open mind and are keen to try holistic remedies to manage your sleep disorder, deep sleep through hypnosis could work for you.     

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

You may have seen hypnosis on TV or movies where an individual or group of people are hypnotized to act like quacking ducks or say silly things. But, real-world hypnosis in a professional setting or the privacy of your bedroom is quite different from TV. Sleep hypnosis is not dangerous, ensure you consult a licensed professional hypnotherapist for your sessions. Guided hypnosis meditations that you perform at home are equally safe.  

Self-Hypnosis for Sleep Technique 

  • Lie down comfortably in your bed
  • Focus on your breathing and relaxing all your muscles starting at your feet and working your way up
  • Use guided imagery to picture what makes you feel relaxed and sleepy, some people focus on sheep jumping over a fence, a calming babbling brook, or a fish swimming deeper and deeper into the water 
  • If you have difficulty with self-hypnosis you could start with a guided meditation online 


Sleep hypnosis and guided meditations are a non-invasive holistic remedy to improve your sleep. It can be performed by a licensed hypnotherapist or you can use a guided meditation at home. Hypnosis can be helpful in losing weight and improving other health conditions too, such as anxiety and depression.  

There are no bad side effects to hypnotherapy or sleep hypnosis, as opposed to sleep medication that can leave you feeling groggy and ill. Ensure you are eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, and taking exercise and fresh air every day. A healthy body ensures a healthy relaxed mind.   

Does Sleep Hypnosis Work?

Sleep hypnosis can work for many people if you allow your mind and body to relax. Having an open mind and allowing your body to relax will help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep for longer. Sleep hypnosis is a non-invasive holistic remedy, it is reasonably priced or free, and worth a try if you are having trouble sleeping.    

What is the Best Sleep Hypnosis on YouTube?

Following guided meditations online is a personal preference. There are so many to choose from, some videos are delta waves and music, others are ocean and nature sounds to help you sleep. Start with mindfulness meditation to bring your consciousness to the now. Use meditation to release resistance, followed by deep sleep hypnosis