What Are the Physical Health Benefits of Spooning?

The classic spoon snuggle position is super cozy and comforting. Cuddling releases the feel-good hormone, oxytocin. It makes you feel safe, secure, content and loved. A hug from your partner, a friend, or a pet can give you an emotional boost that can strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality.  

The feel good hormones that are released promote feelings of comfort and safety.

What Is Spooning? 

Spooning is a cuddling position where both people lay on their sides but face the same direction. The bigger spoon cuddles the small spoon from behind, wrapping their arms around the small spoon for a prolonged hug. 

The Health Benefits of Spooning

Sleep Improves 

Quality sleep is essential to maintaining good physical health. One of the most valuable health benefits of spooning is better sleep quality. The feel good hormones that are released promote feelings of comfort and safety, helping you fall asleep quicker.    

Boost Immune Response and Reduce Stress

When you find ways to reduce stress it has a knock-on effect in other areas of your life. Your immune system gets a boost, helping you keep illness at bay and helping you recover faster from illness. The health benefits of spooning reduces stress and a healthier and stronger immune system

Feel Happier  

Cuddling or spooning makes you feel closer to your partner, boosts physical intimacy, and can cheer you up after a bad day. Hugs and kisses make us feel loved and wanted, uplifting our self-esteem so we feel carefree and happy.    

Increase Libido 

There is no denying that spooning with a partner can lead to sexy times. Some couples spend their spoon position in the nude, the skin to skin contact increases libido and closeness. Elevating an essential component of any healthy relationship, feeling wanted.   

How to Make the Spooning Position More Comfortable  

A pressure-relieving mattress made for side sleepers will make spooning more comfortable. A breathable pillow and cotton bedding create a luxurious sleep space.  

Where did the Phrase "Spooning" Come From? 

The big spoon lying on their side behind the small spoon is similar to how a spoon sits in the cutlery drawer. Spooning is a type of cuddle that can be a prelude to sex or a relaxing snuggle before going to sleep. Spooning boosts immune response, reduces blood pressure, and makes you feel happier.  

Spooning Tips for Back Sleepers

Spoon cuddling positions are easier for side sleepers but if you are a back sleeper you can find comfort in the spoon position. Ensure you are sleeping on a pressure-relieving mattress that cradles the body in a supportive hug. A pressure-relieving side sleeper mattress can benefit back sleepers, making the spooning position more comfortable. 

Spooning Tips for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a firm, pressure-relieving mattress as a too-soft mattress will sink the stomach, causing back pain. A firm mattress will provide comfort for spooning but also be comfortable for sleeping. Stomach sleepers generally do not use a pillow but a quality pillow will make spooning and sleeping more comfortable, avoiding neck strain.  

What Does Spooning Mean in a Relationship?

Cuddling or spooning boosts physical intimacy because spooning with a partner releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. Physical intimacy is a vital component of most healthy relationships. Spooning does not necessarily have to lead to sex to be beneficial, falling asleep when cuddling improves sleep quality and feelings of warmth and safety.    


While spooning is typically a term used for couples cuddling in bed. You can gain the benefits of a snuggle from your pet too. Snuggling with your dog or cat is comforting and bonding, your pet feels cared for and loved and you have some company if you live alone. Cuddling and hugging is an aspect of human nature that makes us human, we love to love and feel wanted, needed, and cared for. Hugs boost your immune system, lowers blood pressure, help you heal from illness, make you feel good, and helps you sleep better too.    

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