Weighted Blankets - Benefits, Risks, and Prices

When you get a hug from someone you love, you feel warm and fuzzy inside thanks to an oxytocin release in the brain. The cuddle hormone doesn’t just make you feel good, it reduces anxiety and stress, boosts your immune system and heart health, reduces pain, and makes you feel happy. 

If you live a solitary life, too busy for hugs or don’t like to be touched. A weighted blanket could give you that cuddle hormone release  you need to maintain good health. Let’s talk about weighted blanket benefits, prices, and if it could make a difference to your physical health and mental wellbeing.   

weighted blanket (or gravity blanket) was once a standard item in psychiatry clinics and therapists offices

What is a Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket (or gravity blanket) was once a standard item in psychiatry clinics and therapists offices all over the country. Now, they are widely available in a range of weights and sizes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.   

A weighted blanket is similar to the lead vest you wear at the dentist while having an x-ray, only much larger and far more cozy. The filling consists of plastic poly pellets, steel beads, micro-glass beads, sand, or organic grains and beans, wrapped in a breathable fabric. Weighted blanket cooling technology is in the outer fabric of the blanket, ensure it’s made of breathable material.   

While it’s tempting to crawl under several blankets instead, the full effect of a weighted blanket is felt in the quality of the filling. You won’t get exactly the same positive benefits from several blankets. But, there is a weighted blanket to match any budget, which we’ll go into later.

Weighted Blanket Filler 

Made of 


Best For

Plastic Poly Pellets 

100% Polypropylene 

Body contouring 

Those without noise/skin sensitivities 

Micro Glass Beads 

100% Glass 

Better quality feel than poly beads

Those with severe sensory/auditory sensitivities 

Steel Shot Beads 

100% Steel 


Those without auditory sensitivities 


100% Sand 



Organic Grains/Beans/Rice

Organic materials 


Short term option as food can spoil and attract insects and rodents 


River stones  


Those without sensory sensitivities  

What are Weighted Blanket Benefits?

Weighted blankets are used in a variety of medical situations to induce calm and relaxation from a form of deep pressure therapy. Many dentists use weighted blankets in their clinics to help calm nervous patients. The weight relaxes the nervous system to lessen anxiety, relieve pain, and improve mood.

Weighted blanket benefits are not only found in clinical settings but can be mimicked on your own bedroom. Some say that a weighted blanket for anxiety is the best natural anxiety medication 

weighted blanket can ease anxiety by lowering the heart rate and inducing a sense of calm by lying down

Can a Weighted Blanket Help Anxiety?

Anxiety affects millions of Americans and a panic attack can strike at any time. Entering fight or flight mode is incredibly taxing for the body and a single panic attack is enough to exhaust your mind and body for the entire day. A weighted blanket can ease anxiety by lowering the heart rate and inducing a sense of calm by lying down.

Can a Weighted Blanket Help Insomnia?

Insomnia is detrimental to physical health and mental wellbeing. A sleep deprived mind and body loses the ability to concentrate on tasks, puts you in a bad mood, and makes you snap at loved ones and colleagues. Using a weighted blanket at night could help calm your mind for sleep.  

Can a Weighted Blanket Help Autism?

Using a weighted blanket at night is well tolerated in children and adults with autism, while it may not make you fall asleep faster or for longer. It could relax an overactive mind and body. In one study, adults and children chose a weighted blanket over a normal blanket.  

Can a Weighted Blanket Help ADHD?

A weighted blanket can calm and reduce hyperactive movements in those with ADHD. During continuous performance tasks such as studying or completing a task, a weighted vest is beneficial in lowering fidgeting and improving concentration. While helping relaxation for sleep too.   

Can a Weighted Blanket Help Chronic Pain ?

A weighted blanket for adults experiencing chronic pain is akin to at-home massage therapy. The gentle pressure of a weighted blanket could reduce spinal reflexes, thus, reducing pain.   

Is There a Weighted Blanket for Kids

According to Dr. Cristina Cusin, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, "Weighted blankets have been around for a long time, especially for kids with autism or behavioral disturbances,". She continues, "It is one of the sensory tools commonly used in psychiatric units. Patients who are in distress may choose different types of sensory activities — holding a cold object, smelling particular aromas, manipulating dough, building objects, doing arts and crafts — to try to calm down." The blanket makes the child feel snug, protected, and calm by mimicking a hug.  

Weighted Blanket Weight, Size, and Price Guide 

Weighted Blanket Weights

Weighted Blanket Size

Weighted Blanket Price 


Older Kids

$40 Approx


Twin | Queen 

$25.00-$89.99 Approx


Twin | Queen 

$47.99-$127.99 Approx


Twin | Queen 

$69.99-$127.99 Approx

Where to Shop 

Weighted blanket amazon 

prices are ample and cheap but be mindful of the quality

Weighted blanket walmart 

prices are abundant and inexpensive but be careful of the build quality

Weighted blanket target 

prices are plentiful and reasonable but ensure it’s made of quality, safe materials   

Weighted blanket bedding companies 

A specialized bedding retailer could have more high quality and reasonably priced blankets than other marketplaces  

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket?

Calculate the perfect weighted blanket for you by choosing one that is 10% of your bodyweight. For instance, a 150-pound individual would need a 15 pound blanket. 

Avoid using a weighted blanket on a baby, toddler, or young child

Weighted Blanket Risks 

Avoid using a weighted blanket on a baby, toddler, or young child. Be careful with weighted blankets around small children as the beads and pellets are a choking hazard. Ensure you buy your blanket from a reputable retailer who can prove their weighted blankets have undergone safety tests. They are also not safe for children with breathing problems, epilepsy, heart problems, circulation or skin  problems, or inability to remove a weighted blanket on their own. 

Conclusion: Should I buy a Weighted Blanket? 

A weighted blanket best buy is made of safe, quality materials that will not easily leak and is machine washable. Most adults and school age children could benefit from a weighted blanket. The feeling of safety and comfort is similar to a hug from someone you care about, who could say no to that!

Check weighted blanket reviews or ask family, friends, and colleagues for their experiences. As weighted blankets have become more mainstream you could be surprised how many people you know are enjoying the benefits of a weighted blanket, join them and see for yourself the soothing benefits.