The Many Advantages of Sleeping in the Nude

Sleeping in the nude could be the ticket to improving your sleep quality and health. It’s invigorating, comforting, and can boost your sex life too. So what are you waiting for? Throw those pajamas away and let’s learn if sleeping naked is good for you.    

What are the Benefits of Sleeping Naked?

Stress, Anxiety & Mood Stabilization

Your sleep quality is linked to your ability to handle stressful situations. Suffering insomnia destabilizes your hormones, makes you irritable, makes you crave caffeine and sugar, heightens cortisol levels (stress hormone), and interrupts the vital recharging processes that take place in your body as you sleep. Sleeping in the nude could improve your sleep quality and help you manage stress easier.

Fall Asleep Faster

Some people fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. Others, toss and turn for hours. Sleeping in the nude could help you to fall asleep faster because your body temperature will be cooler. Your circadian rhythm slows down some processes as you prepare to sleep. Sleeping naked under warm blankets creates a cozy cocoon, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.    

Quality of Sleep

The National Institutes of Health found the temperature of a sleep space to be vital to maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm, allowing a better quality of sleep. Improving your sleep quality allows up to 6 cycles of REM sleep per night. During the Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep, your body is repairing, recharging, and reinvigorating your mind and body. Sleeping naked could create a sleep environment where your REM sleep is not interrupted by feeling too hot in bed. Improving sleep quality improves mental health and physical health. 

Fertility and Reproduction

Sleeping in the nude is hugely beneficial to female and male fertility. For men who want to boost their sperm count, it is advised to use loose-fitting underwear and sleep naked. Men who wear boxers typically have a higher sperm count than men who wear tight-fitting underwear. Sleeping naked keeps the body cool. Yeast infections could be reduced too as the body can breathe more freely. Women who wear tight-fitting underwear report suffering a vaginal yeast infection more often than their naked sleeping counterparts. 

Skin Health

Your skin is your barrier to infection and pathogens, it regulates water loss, and when taken care of can boost self esteem. Having healthy glowing skin is achieved by eating well, wearing sun protection, staying hydrated, getting plenty of restorative sleep, and enjoying fresh air and exercise. Of course, genetics play their part but Sleeping in the nude could be beneficial for skin problems as it allows your skin to breathe, unimpeded by layers of hot pajamas. 

Weight Gain & Metabolism

The benefits of sleeping naked could keep weight gain low because good sleep quality is vital to maintaining a healthy metabolism. People who sleep less than five hours per night are more likely to experience weight gain. Sleeping naked boosts your ability to enjoy a greater quality of sleep

Diabetes Risk

A short sleep duration increases the risk of developing diabetes. While genetics and lifestyle are factors to consider. There is one thing you can do to elevate your sleep quality and that is sleeping in the nude. Lowering the risk of illness can be accomplished with good quality sleep and healthy lifestyle changes.     

Self Esteem and Relationships

How do you feel about your body? Unfortunately, many people have a low body image, but, sleeping in the nude can help you get back in touch with your own body and improve your self-esteem. Sleeping naked is also a great way to improve intimacy with your partner. Skin to skin contact elevates the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, boosting feelings of love and bringing you closer emotionally as well as physically.  

How Many People Sleep Naked?

Two-thirds of millennials say they enjoy sleeping in the nude while less than half of Gen X are partial to sleeping naked. The majority being in a relationship but a high percentage of singles feel the benefit of sleeping naked.  

Why Do People Sleep Naked?

  • More comfortable than wearing hot pajamas 
  • Feels natural
  • Convenience - getting up to pee in the middle of the night, jumping in the shower in the morning is easier and quicker naked
  • Improves sexual relationship with a partner
  • Improves quality of sleep     

How to Get Comfortable Sleeping Naked

  • Use organic cotton sheets and bedding or silk - as long as it’s breathable and feels comfortable on your skin
  • Invest in a good quality duvet or comforter to keep you warm - remember your temperature will drop a little as you sleep
  • Keep a robe beside your bed in case you need to get out of the house in an emergency
  • Bathe before bed to help you relax and feel clean   


Sleeping naked is empowering and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, brings you physically and emotionally closer to your partner, and helps you sleep better while improving your physical and mental health. The health benefits of sleeping better can reduce stress, stabilize your circadian rhythm, level your metabolism, and boost your fertility. Sleeping in the nude is all about self-love, feeling good, and enjoying quality restorative sleep.