The Best Mattress Bases for Your New Mattress

Your comfy new Nolah AirFoam™mattress can be used with any bed base, foundation, or bed frame. However, with the purchase of a beautiful new mattress, you will most likely want to complement it with new bedding, comforters, and pillows. Why not upgrade to an adjustable base too? Nolah has two modern adjustable bed bases to choose from; Nolah Adjustable Base and Nolah Adjustable Base with Massage, USB Chargers, and built-in nightlights. Both affordable, both awesome!

Made from premium materials, your Nolah mattress will fit snugly into the reinforced steel foundation for extreme comfort

Sleep Comfort at an Affordable Price 

A Nolah adjustable bed base takes sleep comfort to a whole new level at the touch of a button. Made from premium materials, your Nolah mattress will fit snugly into the reinforced steel foundation for extreme comfort. The leg height is adjustable too so whether tall or small, the bed base can be adjusted to suit your height perfectly and fits most bed frames. The Nolah adjustable base starts at just $649 and the adjustable base with massage, USB chargers, and nightlights starts at just $799.

Silent Engine for a Silent Night 

Noise-Free Engine 

An important aspect to consider when shopping for a mattress adjustable base is the motor. Many manufacturers use cheap Chinese-made Richmat engines that are loud and flimsy. Your Nolah adjustable base is equipped with a German-made Okin® engine that is noise-free and built to last. Just like your Nolah AirFoam™ mattress. 

Head and Feet Incline 

Feel like watching TV in bed? Need to sleep with your feet elevated to aid blood circulation? No problem, the Nolah adjustable bed base will help you find the perfect position for rest and play. 

Wireless Remote Control 

With the touch of a button, you can find your most comfortable sleep or play position on Nolah’s adjustable bed base. The wireless remote is small and easy to use.

Relaxing Full Body Massage at the touch of a button 

No Special Tools Required

Assembly of your new adjustable bed base couldn't be simpler. Screw in the legs, plug it in, and there you go. Sleep comfort made easy. 

Under Bed Storage

You get so much storage space under the adjustable bed base with the adjustable leg height. Up to 13” in height! Each leg comes in 4 screw-in pieces, giving you the option to adjust as you please. 

Relaxing Full Body Massage 

Enjoy a relaxing massage with the Nolah adjustable bed base with massage. The 4 massage engines purr into action for an enjoyable full body massage from head to toe. No appointment required! 

Zero-G and Programmable Position 

Pre-program your adjustable base to Zero-G, anti-snore, and personal positions of your choice. The 14 button wireless remote is super easy to use so you can enjoy an ergonomically correct sleep position, ease tension, reduce pain, pressure, and recuperate like a champion.   

Dual USB Chargers 

If you use sleep apps or just like to sleep with your phone close, you’ll be glad to know that the adjustable base with massage also has dual USB chargers built-in. no more running around at night looking for a charger!

Cozy Nightlight 

Nightlights are not just for babies, the adjustable bed base with massage also has built-in night lights that are controlled via the wireless remote. Create a warm ambient glow for a relaxing night time atmosphere, or use the nightlight to read without disturbing your partner.  

Adjustable bed bases from Nolah add a dimension of comfort and convenience to your new mattress. Most bed bases take over the floor space so you lose out on that precious under bed storage but not with Nolah adjustable bed bases. Enjoy 13” in height of under bed storage, raise your head and feet to desired comfort level, enjoy an all-over massage, charge your phone and soak up the cozy ambiance with the under bed night lights. All the while enjoying the perfect silence of that modern German-made engine. Your sleep health deserves a Nolah mattress and your Nolah mattress deserves an adjustable base like these.