Memory Foam vs Hybrid: Which Mattress Is Best for You?

Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice but for many, the drawbacks make them an uncomfortable choice. Hybrid mattresses contain memory foam too but are designed differently but are they better?

Choosing a new mattress is a big decision and a quality mattress ought to provide you with up to 10 years of sleep comfort. When it comes to hybrid vs memory foam mattresses, which one will suit you best? Let’s find out.  

What Is a Memory Foam Mattress? 

Memory foam mattresses are layers of polyfoam and polyurethane that mold to the body. The viscoelastic chemicals within the memory foam are what gives the ‘memory’ ability. A memory foam mattress will give the sleeper a feeling of sinking into the mattress and with no coil springs, they were the first mattress to offer low motion transfer.  

What is a Hybrid Mattress? 

What is a hybrid mattress?  It may sound futuristic but it’s merely a base layer of coil springs with a top layer of memory foam, latex, or polyfoam. The dual support system of spring and foam gives the sleeper the traditional mattress feel but with a modern twist. Some may consider a hybrid mattress to sleep cooler than memory foam because the layer of springs allows more breathability. 

Memory foam mattresses contain viscoelastic chemicals that retain body heat and could make many sleepers feel like they’re sinking

Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress: Which Is Better? 

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress 

When comparing memory foam vs hybrid mattress, many see the memory foam mattress as the lesser because it’s a memory foam and polyfoam mix. However, the popularity of memory foam mattresses makes them widely available at a low cost depending on where you’re shopping. They’re great for adjustable beds and offer a low motion transfer. 

Memory Foam Mattress Problems 

Memory foam mattresses contain viscoelastic chemicals that retain body heat and could make many sleepers feel like they’re sinking. The bounceback is also quite slow, meaning when you move around, the imprint of your body takes some time to even out, resulting in potholes that many memory foam mattress owners complain about. Additionally, memory foam may not offer adequate pressure relief due to the sinking nature of the foam. A misaligned spine results in aches, pains, insomnia, and loss of precious rest and recuperation.  

Memory foam mattress problems include: 

  • Could sleep hot
  • Slow bounceback
  • May not offer adequate pressure relief
  • Some brands are expensive
  • Cumbersome to move the mattress
  • May not be as breathable as other mattresses  

Are Foam Mattresses Good? 

If you sleep with a restless partner a foam mattress could provide minimal motion transfer. However, foam mattresses typically sleep hot so you could be trading one problem for another. The additional body heat could be sweltering in a foam mattress when sharing with a partner causing more memory foam mattress problems. Memory foam mattresses are plentiful on the market and come in varying prices to suit all budgets. 

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

The benefits of hybrid mattresses in comparison to coil springs could be better body contouring. The memory foam, latex, or foam topper could provide more comfort than a traditional spring bed. Motion transfer could also be reduced due to the top layer and choice of firmness levels are plentiful in hybrid mattresses

Hybrid Mattress Problems

When considering hybrid vs foam mattress or hybrid vs memory foam, it’s important to remember that they are the same thing. The fabric coated coil springs in a hybrid mattress is a step up from traditional springs but the concept remains the same. To create a bouncy base to which the memory foam, latex, or foam topper is placed. Foam mattress toppers contain viscoelastic chemicals so it could sleep hot for many people. Hybrid mattresses may not offer quality pressure relief due to the nature of its construction. 

Hybrid mattress problems include: 

  • May sleep hot due to foam topper
  • Could offer minimal pressure relief 
  • Motion transfer may be an issue depending on the construction
  • May not be as breathable as more advanced mattresses   

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good?

If the hybrid mattress is topped with foam, experiencing hot restless nights could be an issue. While the spring base may allow some air ventilation, the fact remains that the viscoelastic chemicals within the foam topper trap body heat. Also, some may find a hybrid mattress to be too bouncy, especially if your last mattress was memory foam.   

Hybrid Mattress vs Gel Memory Foam

When comparing hybrid mattress vs gel memory foam, the latter is a gel-infused memory foam that could offer a night of cooler sleep. When looking at memory foam vs gel memory foam, memory foam contains viscoelastic chemicals while gel-infused foam was produced to counteract this complaint. Some believe that adding chemicals on top of chemicals may not be the best solution when amending poor sleep health. There are a couple of different options when considering a gel memory foam mattress, some include a gel top layer on the mattress while other brands pour the gel solution into the foam mix. Either way, when contrasting hybrid mattress vs gel memory foam, the hybrid is a coil spring base with a top layer of foam, latex, or memory foam. The gel memory foam is a base layer of foam with added layers of cooling gel or a layered mix of gel-infused memory foam. 

AirFoam™ was created for sleepers who crave a breathable foam mattress that is pressure relieving, cooling, durable, and sleep-inducing

Hybrid Mattress vs AirFoam™ 

When comparing hybrid mattress vs AirFoam™, we notice that both are relatively modern sleep solutions. Hybrid mattresses took the humble coil spring and tried to elevate it to something greater. AirFoam™ took the principle of memory foam but removed the elements that some sleepers found uncomfortable; sleeping hot, sinkholes, questionable durability, chemicals, and created a foam-like no other. 

AirFoam™ was created for sleepers who crave a breathable foam mattress that is pressure relieving, cooling, durable, and sleep-inducing. 

Hybrid mattresses may fall short in pressure relief due to the nature of the topper, they are also more bouncy than Airfoam™ so may not be the best option for couples due to the motion transfer.   

Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers 

The difference in hybrid mattress vs memory foam for side sleepers is minimal. If both mattresses are topped with memory foam, side sleepers could experience equal comfort as the hips and shoulders sink into the top layer of foam. A latex topper on a hybrid mattress may give a slightly firmer feel as opposed to a memory foam or foam topper. 

Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress for Back & Stomach Sleepers 

Back and stomach sleepers may find more comfort on a hybrid mattress that is topped with latex. A latex topper may not be as sinking as foam. Back and stomach sleepers must be mindful of spine alignment as the lower back could be at risk. Therefore, a pressure relieving mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers. When comparing memory foam mattress vs hybrid for back sleepers, a latex topped hybrid could be more beneficial. 

Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress for Hip and Shoulder Pain  

When dealing with hip and shoulder pain it’s vital to sleep on a pressure relieving mattress. Memory foam vs hybrid mattress for hip and shoulder pain comes down to the topper on the hybrid, some may find a latex topped hybrid a little too firm for a painful hip or shoulder. Therefore, a hybrid innerspring mattress or memory foam mattress may be more suitable.  

Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress for Hot Sleepers 

Hot sleepers require the cooling relief of a modern sleep solution, such as Airfoam™. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses typically contain viscoelastic chemicals, therefore, hot sleepers may not get the cooling benefits of a more evolved sleep solution. Although hybrid mattresses contain a spring base and may allow some air ventilation, the top layer could impede air circulation depending on its material.    


There are so many things to consider when you are buying a new mattress.  Such as deciding between a 10 inch mattress vs. a 12 inch mattress vs. a 12 inch queen mattress to deciding between soft vs firm mattress.  But if you are deciding between mattress type such as between memory foam or hybrid, consider your sleep style first and if you’re a hot sleeper. When comparing innerspring vs memory foam, most consider memory foam to be more comfortable to share with a partner due to the low motion transfer.  If you’re choosing between an innerspring vs hybrid mattress, an innerspring could be suitable for those who require a temporary low cost option, while a hybrid is more expensive, it may have a longer lifespan than an innerspring.  

A full memory foam mattress and hybrid mattress in a box are easily available online. If you’re looking for the best hybrid mattress, first consider if you want a topper of foam or latex, also consider an alternative if you’re sharing the bed with a partner, a spring base could lead to motion transfer. 

Hybrid memory foam mattresses are widely available with various types of toppers and gel infusions to suit your needs. Memory foam hybrid mattress may be an obvious choice if you’ve been sleeping on a spring or memory foam mattress. However, a pressure relieving mattress is more beneficial to your sleep health because it better aligns the spine. Therefore, a hybrid memory foam mattress may not be the best option for back and stomach sleepers specifically. 

If you’re set on choosing between a hybrid mattress or memory foam, consider the bounce factor of the hybrid, if you’re sharing the bed with a partner or may occasionally have your child or pet on the bed, motion transfer could be an issue with a hybrid. A memory foam mattress typically has low motion transfer so it may be more comfortable for some sleepers. 

When mattress shopping you don’t need to be hemmed in by hybrid vs foam mattress choices, especially if you’re a hot sleeper, foam mattresses typically retain body heat, therefore, opt for a cooling modern sleep solution. Breathable mattress material such as AirFoam™, allow more breathability than traditional mattresses while being more pressure relieving and durable too.   

Difference Between Memory Foam and Gel?

A memory foam mattress is made purely of foam and typically covered in a cotton cover. A gel mattress is made of memory foam that has a gel infusion or layers of gel. Some consider gel memory foam mattresses to sleep cooler than traditional memory foam. While traditional memory foam mattresses typically sleep hot. 

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress takes the traditional innerspring mattress and wraps the coil springs in cotton. The top layer of a hybrid mattress can be made of memory foam, latex, or foam. Hybrid mattresses may be too bouncy for some people, especially if you're used to sleeping on a traditional memory foam mattress. 

Are Foam Mattresses Good?

Foam mattresses may not be the best option for most people because of the viscoelastic chemicals within the foam trap body heat. A typical complaint with foam mattresses is the sinkage, a feeling of sleeping on quicksand, and sleeping hot. A pressure relieving, cooling mattress may be a better sleep solution. 

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good?

Depending on the hybrid mattress topper, it may sleep hot if it contains viscoelastic chemicals in the topper. Hybrid mattresses may be a little bouncy for some, especially if you’ve previously been sleeping on a memory foam mattress. However, they may offer slightly more air ventilation than traditional memory foam mattresses due to the spring construction.