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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Mattress

Anna Hjoellund   |   Jan 31, 2017
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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Mattress

You might be looking for a new mattress because:


Whatever the reason for buying a new mattress it's not something you do every day, and thank God for that (as it can be pretty stressful), which is why we created this guide to help you avoid the five most common mistakes when buying a new mattress.

According to Consumer Reports 1 out of 5 consumers buy the wrong mattress!


That’s a 20% chance of choosing the wrong mattress!

The goal of this guide is to help you navigate the first steps needed to begin the search for your new mattress. If you can avoid the five most common mistakes listed below, you’re sure to get the perfect mattress!.


5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Mattress

  1. Not knowing your sleep position
  2. Relying on an in-store trial ONLY
  3. Paying full sticker price in the mattress store
  4. Not checking the return/re-stocking fees
  5. Not searching for your new mattress online

1. Not knowing your sleep position

It’s important that you know your sleep position before starting to look for your new mattress, because your sleep position determines what you should be looking for in a mattress.

There are three main sleep positions: Side sleeper, stomach sleeper, and back sleeper.

When you figure out your sleep position, make sure to keep it in mind when selecting your mattress. If you are a side sleeper, make sure the mattress you choose is good for side sleepers.

What if I have two sleep positions? Then always choose the sleep position you use the most. This will be your preferred sleep position and also the position you should use when selecting your new mattress.

Pro Tip: According to The Better Sleep Council about 69% of people sleep on their side, only 13% on their back and a mere 7% on their stomach. Sleep specialists recommend sleeping on the side with a slightly elevated head position as the healthiest of all sleep positions.



Trying out your mattress in-store ONLY is a surefire way to end up with the wrong mattress.

The only proven way to assess whether a mattress is right for you or not is to sleep on it. You cannot evaluate a mattress in a showroom by just laying down on it!

So how can I sleep on the mattress before buying it from the mattress store? The sad truth is that you can’t ☹

Instead, we recommend that you include into your budget the fees for returning the mattress. Doing so will allow you to buy the mattress in the store and then pay the $199 return fee if the mattress is not perfect for you. Yes, you’ll loose the $199 but it’s better than having to cope with a bad mattress for the next ten years.

Pro Tip: You can try our Nolah mattress risk-free for 120 nights before making your final judgment. And yes, the return is free, zero charges and we, of course, give you a full refund should you against expectations not love your Nolah mattress.



Never pay full sticker price in the mattress store! Period.

The full retail prices in the mattress stores are only there to make the discounted prices look better towards you, the consumer. A mattress listed at $5,000 in retail and sold with 50% discount at $2.500 is still way overpriced, but it looks good with a discount of 50%/$2,500 when in reality it's not.

Because the starting point of $5,000 is so outrageously high, the discounted price of $2,500 suddenly looks very attractive. This is the whole idea and it's a well known mattress store marketing gimmick designed specifically to get you, the consumer, to pay more for your mattress. So please do not fall for it, you’ll end up overpaying tremendously for your mattress.

Pro Tip: Our Nolah mattresses starts at $519 and is always below the $1,000 mark for a King size, even if we use the same premium materials you’ll pay $3,000-$5,000 in the mattress store.



Mattress stores do not want you to return your recently bought mattress. So they make it difficult to return, and on top of that, they charge you a $199 return fee to ensure you’ll think twice about returning your mattress.

The truth about the "return fee" is that it's actually a "restocking fee" that enables the mattress stores to chemically sanitize your returned mattress so they can re-sell it again as NEW, even if it's not new and have been sanitized using chemicals.

We recommend that you always try to barter your way to a zero return fee to avoid having to pay $199 if you wish to return the mattress.

Pro Tip: When buying a mattress in a store, you’re not guaranteed to get a NEW mattress, you could very well get a “re-stocked” mattress that has already been slept on and that have also been chemically sanitized.



Since most of us only buy a couple of mattresses throughout our entire life, we usually don’t think much about where and how to buy a mattress. Most of us just go to our local mattress store and ask the commission-based sales person to recommend something. Also because we think it's good to “try” the mattresses in-store before buying, but as you have read by now this is not the best way to shop your new mattress.

Mattress stores are outdated and rapidly being replaced by a better way to buy your mattress. Ever heard about “bed in a box”? (hint: Nolah is a bed-in-a-box).

Today you no longer have to buy your mattress in a mattress store. You can buy it conveniently online from companies like Nolah that offer risk-free trial periods for you to sleep on the mattress before making your final decision. Shipping & Return is always free, with no restocking fees, and if you do not love the mattress, we send a driver to pick it up for you and provide a full refund

Pro Tip: Nolah offers a risk-free 120 night trial period, with free shipping and return. We’ll send a driver to pick up your Nolah mattress if you don’t love it. After we pick it up, we’ll refund your entire purchase price.


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