The Flippable Mattress - Your Long-Lasting Solution

A flippable mattress allows you to sleep on both sides and while many innerspring and foam mattresses can be flipped, a true flippable mattress offers two sleep surfaces of different firmness. There can be times when you need to switch from medium to firm, or firm to soft. If you’re recovering from surgery and need to sleep on your tummy for a while when you’re a side sleeper, a more firm sleep surface will be more comfortable as you heal. Let’s discover if a dual-sided mattress is best for you.  

An especially designed two-sided mattress offers a double-sided firmness, often in a medium and firm variety

What is a Flippable Mattress?  

A flippable mattress allows you to enjoy both sides of the mattress. A lot of innerspring and foam mattresses can be flipped but will be the same firmness on both sides. An especially designed two-sided mattress offers a double-sided firmness, often in a medium and firm variety. Sleep needs can change for various reasons and having the option to flip rather than buy a new mattress gives you greater choice. 

Flipping vs Rotating 

  • Rotating - spinning the mattress 180 degrees so the top of the mattress where your head is switches places with the foot of the mattress, your head now rests on where your feet were resting, rotating allows you to utilize the entire sleep surface on an unflippable mattress 
  • Flipping - turning the mattress over so you are sleeping on the opposite side of the mattress, the side that used to face the floor

What Should You Look for in a Mattress?  


Set a mattress budget and stick to it, never feel pressured into overspending. There are many affordable online mattress retailers that offer well-built quality mattresses. They may have a 0% APR financing option if that is suitable to your needs. A quality turnable mattress ought to cost no more than $1,300.  

Sleeping Position 

Your sleeping position is an important element to consider in your flippable mattress search. Side sleepers need superior pressure relief in the hips and shoulders. Back sleepers require a more firm back support, and combi-sleepers need an overall quality pressure relief.  

Mattress Type 

Not every mattress is flippable so consider your sleep needs. If you’re happy with a uniform firmness then a regular one-sided mattress may suffice. If you value having more choice in your sleep space, a flippable mattress could be for you.  


A contouring revertible mattress offers superior pressure relief on both sides. Spine alignment remains in a comfortable position to keep back pain at bay. Muscles are comfortably supported, your entire body is enveloped in a cozy comfortable hug.  

Quality Materials 

Quality flippable mattress brands can prove their build quality and durability. However, quality mattresses don’t need to cost thousands of dollars. A reputable mattress brand values customer care and offers a product that is built to last, offering comfort for the duration of its lifespan. 

Firmness Level 

Mattresses that can be flipped offer two firmness levels. Typically, one side is of medium firmness while the other will be more firm. This increases your choice and comfortability. 

Pressure Relief 

A double-sided mattress should offer pressure relief on both sides. Whichever side you choose to sleep on should be contouring and comfortable. Pressure relief aligns the spine, cradles every muscle, and supports your body for a cozy sleep. 

Motion Isolation  

A flippable memory foam or AirFoam™ mattress is perfect for couples or those who occasionally like to have kids or pets in the bed. Motions isolation ensures you don’t feel the movement of the other person or pet in the bed. Unlike innerspring mattresses which are bouncy, foam mattresses offer great motion isolation. 

Ease of Movement 

Some memory foam mattresses sink the body into the mattress creating sinkholes. This is due to the heat-trapping chemicals. Modern foam mattresses provide ease of movement by giving just the right amount of pushback. 

Edge Support 

The edge support on flippable Mattresses allows you to sit on the mattress edge without feeling you’re falling off the bed. You’ll also sleep better if you tend to move around a lot due to the extra support foam on the perimeter of the bed.  

Temperature Regulation 

Memory foam contains viscoelastic chemicals that retain heat, this allows your body to sink into the memory foam. A more modern breathable foam allows the mattress to breathe, pulling body heat away from the surface and out through the lower levels of foam. A temperature-neutral mattress is crucial for hot sleepers. 


A flippable innerspring is much more audible than a foam flippable queen mattress or double-sided king mattress. Foam mattresses of all sizes emit almost no noise. 

Flippable Mattress: Pros and Cons 


  • Increased useability 
  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Durable  
  • Quality queen size from just $1,299


  • Can be slightly heavier to move than regular foam mattresses 
  • Can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look 
  • May not be suitable for all sleep needs 

Types of Flippable Mattresses 



  • Made of memory foam, polyfoam, and/or latex foam without coil-based layers


  • Cushions pressure points by hugging and contouring to the body
  • Lighter in weight so easier to flip



  • Built almost entirely with a coil-based interior construction with comfort layers on either side 
  • Most innersprings are flippable


  • Can be used with an economical mattress topper of foam or latex 
  • Budget-friendly



  • All internal layers are made of latex rubber, either natural or synthetic  
  • Some latex mattresses are built to be flippable


  • Latex is a durable material
  • Can provide some bounce



  • Based on an innerspring support core system with edge support, topped with latex or foam and comfort layer of cotton or wool 
  • Most Hybrids have a one-sided design with the innerspring layer at the bottom and comfort layers on top 


  • Plenty of bounce 
  • Flippable Hybrids, when available, tend to be taller and provide responsiveness, along with pressure relief

How Often Should You Flip Your Flippable Mattress?  

Single Firmness 

  • Single firmness mattress can be flipped every 3-6 months
  • Flip more frequently if you notice wear and tear  

Dual firmness 

  • A dual mattress with reversible firmness can be flipped at your convenience 
  • Rotate the mattress every 3-6 months if you don’t flip it to use all the sleep space


Which Kind of Frame Should you use? 

You can use a flippable mattress on any sort of frame - slatted, foundations, or adjustable frames. Find out what sort of set-up the bed needs from the retailer as there may be variations for certain brands.  

Is There Something Else you Need to Know?

  • A mattress free trial could help you decide if a flippable mattress is best for you
  • Choose a mattress retailer that offers free delivery and free return 
  • The best flippable mattress will come with a lifetime warranty 


A foam mattress that can be flipped ranges from a one firmness memory foam to a two firmness AirFoam™. A two-sided bed gives you a choice of firmness, typically medium on one side and firm on the other. There may be times when your sleep needs change, particularly when recovering from surgery or illness. If you’re spending more time in bed recovering, you may require a more firm feel. A flippable mattress is the best of both worlds, like two mattresses in one. 

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