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Buying a Mattress Online vs. Mattress Store

Daniel Galle   |   Feb 02, 2017
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Buying a Mattress Online vs. Mattress Store

One of the most frequent questions we get is about the difference between buying your mattress online vs. in the mattress store.

In this article, we’ve made a comparison to easily help you understand the differences between buying your mattress online vs. in the mattress store.

Before diving into the detailed comparison (see further down for full comparison chart), there’s one fundamental difference between online and mattress stores – the number of middlemen between you and the mattress.


Mattress Store Supply Chain

1) Factory → 2) National Wholesaler → 3) Regional Distributor → 4) Local State Distributor → 5) Distribution Center → 6) Mattress Store → 7) You!

A conventional mattress sold in retail often goes through 5-7 middlemen that all add profit artificially pushing up the retail prices seen in the mattress stores. 

Mattress Stores = A LOT of middlemen adding profit before the mattress is sold in the store.


Online Mattress Supply Chain

1) Factory →  2) Online Seller → 3) You!

When shopping online there’s no wholesalers, distributor, retailers or sales people that need a cut of the profit. The price for an online mattress is "the production cost" + "the online seller's profit" = "final price to the consumer" – that’s it!  

Online Mattresses = Only ONE middlemen (the seller) adding profit and then you, the consumer. 


[BONUS FACT] The number of middlemen in the supply chain to mattress stores is the SOLE AND ONLY REASON why ANY mattress bought in a mattress store will ALWAYS be a worse deal and less value compared to buying your mattress online.


So why do people still buy mattresses in the mattress stores?

Because its tradition to “try” the mattress in the store because buying, but this is changing rapidly these days. Today there’re better ways to shop your mattress with risk-free trial periods offering you to try the mattress at home, by sleeping on it before making up your mind if this is the perfect mattress for you. Learn more about Nolah’s risk-free 120-night trial period. 



Full comparison - Online vs. Mattress Store

At Nolah we removed all the middlemen of the mattress industry and sell our Nolah mattress exclusively online with shipping directly from our factory to your front door, but that’s not the only benefit you get by shopping your new mattress online instead of the mattress store. See the full comparison below.



Mattress Store

 120-night trial period in your home

5-10 minute “try” in the store

 Queen $849

+$2.800 for comparable Queen

 One universally comfy mattress

Dozen of confusing firmness options

 FREE Delivery

$199 delivery fee

 FREE Return

$199 return/restocking fee

 Always brand NEW mattress

Can be “restocked” (USED mattress)

 FREE Wildlife adoption included

No social cause or mission (max profit)

 Returns donated to charity

Returns chemically sanitized and resold as NEW

 Ships in a small box (easy to handle)

Ships full size (difficult to handle)

 Easy 5-min setup (1-person)

Difficult Setup (min 2-person)


See the Nolah mattress

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