The Best Place to Buy a Mattress: A Complete Guide 2021

You probably see mattress stores everywhere with huge signs outside claiming to offer huge discounts and comfy beds. But, are brick and mortar stores the best place to buy a mattress? If saving money on a mattress, extended warranties, long-lasting durability, and easy returns are important to you then read on to find the best place to buy a mattress. 

online mattress retailers typically offer a free trial for at least 100 nights

What are Mattress Retailers?

Places to buy mattresses or mattress retailers are in the form of a physical store- where you can lay on the mattress for a few minutes and then take the mattress home that day (or have it delivered for a fee). Or,  online retailers who offer bespoke mattresses (made especially for you and not sitting in a storeroom for months/years) with free delivery, easy returns, and a free in-home trial for at least 100 nights.  

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When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress? 

  • Black Friday brings huge sales and could be one of the best times to buy a mattress (the first Friday after Thanksgiving)
  • Cyber Monday offers mega discounts online for mattresses and bedclothes (the first Monday after Thanksgiving)  
  • Presidents’ Day every February
  • Seasonal Sales typically occur when retailers are updating their inventory to bring in new styles, this is when they discount their old products, a great time for you to grab a bargain

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Where is the Best Place to Buy a Mattress From? 

The best place to buy a mattress (from a cost and convenience perspective) has to be from an online mattress store. Here, you will find huge savings because online retailers have cut out the expensive middle-man. They don’t have expensive showrooms or sales staff to maintain, they have established couriers who can be more reliable than the delivery crew from a physical store, and online mattress retailers typically offer a free trial for at least 100 nights and free return should you change your mind. The best place to buy a mattress online offers a free trial for at least 100 nights, and free delivery, and easy returns with a warranty of at least 15 years. 

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How to Save on Your Next Mattress? 

The best way to buy a mattress online ensures you’re saving money and purchasing a long-lasting product. Cost and durability are the most important factors but there are many stores that can make you feel like you’re getting a great deal and let you down later on.  

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Shop Online 

  • Easy to compare prices and styles 
  • Access to more options and deals
  • Easily find reviews and recommendations
  • Save time and gas by shopping from the comfort of your home
  • No sales staff to deal with, just a friendly customer care team to IM

Discounts and Promos 

  • Search for the hottest deals and limited-time offers, the best mattress store for discounts will be online as you can source discount codes
  • The best time to buy mattresses is around seasonal sales
  • An online mattress store typically offers freebies with every mattress such as free pillows or bedding 

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Getting rid of Your old Mattress  

  • Dispose of your old mattress by asking your new mattress retailer to pick it up when they drop off your new mattress 
  • If the mattress is still usable, donate it to your local charity 
  • Sell your used mattress online 
  • Contact your local authorities as they may have special collection days for bulky items 
  • If you’re feeling crafty you could upcycle your mattress

Bonus: How to Sell Your Mattress

Step 1: Determine a Fair Price

  • Consider how old the mattress is and how much life it has left 
  • If you have used a mattress topper or protector it may have more life left in it 
  • If it is rarely used (like in a guest room) it could fetch a good price 
  • Sellers perks such as free delivery can give you strong negotiating power 
  • A reputable brand name could go for a decent price 

Step 2: Research Mattress Resale Laws and Regulations

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  • Typically, it is legal for an individual to individual sales but stores have to abide by different laws, if the mattress is dirty or infested with bed bugs, avoid a lawsuit by adequate disposing of it, you don’t want to be responsible for infesting someone’s house with bed bugs  
  • Consider cleaning and sanitizing the mattress for a quick sale  
  • Re-cover if possible 
  • Is it flame retardant? 

Step 3: Create an Advertisement

  • Good quality pictures from all angles will help your ad stand out
  • Include important details such as size, condition, age, and brand 
  • Make sure to include the height, materials, and type of cover 
  • Include any special features such as AirFoam™ breathability and high durability
  • Include the materials of construction and comfort system if applicable
  • Be direct about days and times you are available to view the mattress 

Step 4: Choose a Selling Venue

  • Online marketplaces and Facebook Groups  
  • Be mindful of mattress warranties not being transferable 
  • Select the best time to sell and allow time to respond to all queries 
  • Expect visit requests from potential buyers


What Type of Mattresses are There?

Mattresses are available in the following sizes; Twin 38”x75”, TwinXL 38”x80”, Full 54”x75”, Queen 60”x80”, King 76”x80”, California King 72”x84”, and Split King of 2 TwinXL mattresses side by side usually used in adjustable bases. Consider your sleep space before buying a mattress, you want a comfortable size but space to walk around the bed.   

How do you Clean a Mattress?

There are many ways to clean a mattress using; steam cleaning, antibacterial spray, Vodka, baking soda and vinegar, enzyme cleaner, shaving cream, or cornstarch. No matter what material your mattress is made of there is a cleaning method. Learn more about easy cleaning methods, here. Using household items is cheap and ecofriendly too. 

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The cheapest place to buy a mattress is from an online retailer. Here, you will get a quality mattress at a reasonable cost brought straight to your door. Opt for a free trial to ensure the mattress is right for you and make sure the retailer offers a free return in case you change your mind. If shopping for more than one, the best place to buy a set of mattresses could be with an online retailer as you can source discount codes or ask customer care for a bulk discount.  

Physical places that sell mattresses may seem enticing with their huge sale signs but, when you look closer you typically get an overinflated price tag on a mattress that has been sitting in a dusty storeroom for months or years. Some online retailers only produce your mattress when you order it, so your mattress has been made especially for you.  

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