What is the Best Mattress for Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and can cause inflammation, pain, and difficulty maintaining motion in the affected limb. You might be surprised to learn that arthritis can affect almost anyone at any age, in the US, 60% of arthritis sufferers are between 18-64 years old. 

Around 8 million adults of working age in the US say that their arthritis affects their ability to work and have fun with their loved ones. Climbing stairs may feel like climbing a mountain, walking from the parking lot to their place of work can seem like a cross country marathon. Arthritis is painful and takes pleasure from their lives.  

After visiting your doctor and implementing an arthritis treatment plan, there are additional steps you can take in your pain management strategy. Here, we will go into more detail on what arthritis is, some holistic approaches to pain management, and what is the best mattress for arthritis.  

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis causes inflammation in the joints and can affect many joints at once. There are over 100 different types of arthritis but the two most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms usually creep up over time and can appear as swelling, joint stiffness, diminished motion, and redness on the skin of the affected area. Rheumatoid arthritis can have additional symptoms of fatigue, loss of appetite, anemia, and fever in some cases.

What Causes Arthritis?

Arthritis is caused by the wear and tear of joint cartilage. This protective tissue is a pressure shock absorber that soaks up stress that is placed on the joints. A decrease in cartilage can cause some forms of arthritis but it can also be hereditary. Those affected by an autoimmune disorder could be at risk of developing arthritis because the immune system may attack itself, causing injury to the soft tissue in the joints.   

What type of mattress is best for arthritis?

The best mattresses for arthritis will neither be too soft or too firm. Although mattress firmness can come down to personal preference. A pressure relieving mattress should provide you with optimal comfort because it eases the sensitive pressure points and joints. A mattress that is too soft or firm could add unwanted pressure to already delicate areas.   

How Does Arthritis Affect Your Sleep?

Arthritis can have a severe effect on your ability to sleep which in turn, aggravates the symptoms of arthritis further. It’s vital to have a mattress that will aid your pain management not exacerbate the symptoms further. The best mattresses for arthritis will bring pressure relieving comfort and gently cradle your sensitive joints. 

When suffering arthritic pain at night, the discomfort will, of course, disrupt your sleep and bring on bouts of unwelcome insomnia. Medications such as prednisone and hydroxychloroquine can also have some nasty side effects, insomnia being one. 

Those with rheumatoid arthritis could suffer fatigue as one of their symptoms. As part of a treatment plan, frequent naps are suggested when fatigue strikes. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to have a cozy and comfortable mattress to relax on and ease symptoms. The best mattress for arthritis and fibromyalgia will bring pressure relief as well as cooling comfort. 

Sleeping on a lumpy and uncomfortable mattress disturbs much needed sleep, quality rest is crucial in your arthritic pain management strategy.

How Arthritis affects sleep;

  • Insomnia caused by arthritic pain
  • Insomnia caused by medication
  • Unable to find a comfortable sleep position   

How can I improve my arthritis symptoms?

  • Stay active: exercise is known to improve symptoms of arthritis because it aids flexibility, reduces joint pain, and lessens symptoms of fatigue. Start with gentle exercise; yoga, swimming or walking
  • Take omega-3: enjoy eating fresh fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon or take evening primrose oil. Flaxseed oil could also help to reduce joint stiffness
  • Get a massage: regular massage of the arthritic joints is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation to reduce pain, stiffness, and improve motion  
  • Eliminate stress: stress releases chemicals into the immune system that are responsible for causing inflammation in the body, causing an arthritic flare up. Consider yoga, walking, listening to calm music, and talking to loved ones to combat any cause of stress in your life 

Is a Firm Mattress Good for Arthritis? 

When considering mattress firmness and the best mattress for rheumatoid arthritis it’s important to note that a firm mattress may not necessarily bring the most comfort. The most essential element in a mattress must be its pressure relief. A mattress that is supportive of the delicate joints, will offer pressure relief and could bring much needed respite from arthritic pain at night.

What Type of Mattress is Best for Arthritis? 

If your mattress, bed base, and covers are over 10 years old. It might be time to upgrade your mattress to relieve arthritic pain. Studies have revealed that new bedding systems improve sleep health and bring greater comfort than relying on an old mattress and bed. The best mattress for hip bursitis and arthritis will bring comfort and will offer pressure relief. A mattress that supports your body weight is vital to your sleep health and could bring restful comfort at night when symptoms can be most felt.  

Memory Foam Mattress for Arthritis

Latex Mattress for Arthritis

Coil Spring Mattress for Arthritis

AirFoam™ Mattress for Arthritis

Might feel like “quicksand”  due to memory foam ‘sinkage’ 

Some could be too firm 

Can be firm or soft depending on the fabric used as a topper 

Made from a modern mattress material, AirFoam™ 

Not as pressure relieving as other mattresses

May put extra pressure on the sensitive joints

Those without a topper may find the springs uncomfortable 

Proven to offer superior pressure relief than memory foam  

Low motion transfer 

Expensively priced 

Could sleep cool 

Sleeps cooler than memory foam 

Widely available at cheap prices 

Could sleep cool

Widely available at cheap prices  

Best mattress for side sleepers 

Can be customizable 

Starts at just $499 for a Twin mattress

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Is a firm mattress better for arthritis?

A firm mattress could add undue pressure to the already sensitive joints. Some latex and coil spring mattresses, for instance, are considered quite firm. Therefore, may not be an ideal solution for pain management. A mattress doesn’t need to be firm to be supportive if your mattress is made of modern pressure relieving materials, it could provide the most important element in the best mattress for rheumatoid arthritis and that’s its pressure relieving ability.    

Is a memory foam mattress good for arthritis? 

Memory foam mattresses are typically known to sleep hot due to the viscoelastic chemicals in the foam. These chemicals give the memory foam its ‘memory’ that molds to your body. Memory foam may not be as responsive as other modern mattress materials and due to the sinking nature of the foam, memory foam mattresses may not provide the pressure relief that someone managing arthritic pain could benefit from. 

What is the Best Mattress for Arthritis?

The most comfortable mattress for arthritis will have the same benefits as the best mattress for hip pain too. Hip discomfort is a common complaint among arthritis sufferers. Therefore, a side sleeper mattress could bring the relief you seek from night time arthritic pain.

A side sleeper mattress is designed to give pressure relief to the sensitive hip and shoulder areas. The hips will be gently supported to offer pressure relief as opposed to a memory foam mattress that typically causes ‘sinkage’ due to the nature of the foam. 

Conversely, a coil spring and latex mattress may add strain to the joints as these can typically be firm to the touch. The best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain will relieve the pressure points. The best mattresses for arthritis will not cause your body to sink or add undue pressure to your already sensitive joints.    

The best mattress for fibromyalgia and arthritis is one that will cradle your body in a supportive hug, will ease pressure on the sensitive joints, hips, and shoulders, and offer cooling comfort so you can sleep soundly all night. An AirFoam™ mattress could provide the comfort you need because Airfoam™ mattresses are proven to offer 4 times greater pressure relief than memory foam, are 100% temperature neutral, and are more durable than even the most expensive memory foam mattresses. 

A pressure relieving mattress will be most beneficial to your spine alignment while aligning the hips, resulting in a comfortable sleep position that could relieve symptoms of arthritis.       

Consider your bedroom climate as you work through your arthritis treatment plan. The best climate for arthritis is warm and dry. As you may be more sensitive to humidity, think about investing in a dehumidifier if needed. Ensure you have enough warm blankets if you live in a colder area and keep a warm stream of heat in your bedroom. 

Allow fresh air into your bedroom every day but be careful if sleeping with your window open, as the temperature drop during the night could aggravate symptoms.  

Tips and Reminders for Finding the Best Mattress for Arthritis? 

  • Shop around online and don’t accept any less than 100-night free trial 
  • Ensure the mattress is not too firm as this will add pressure to your delicate joints
  • Ensure the mattress is not too soft as ‘body sinkage’ could put additional pressure on your hips and shoulders
  • A pressure relieving mattress will cradle every muscle without putting undue pressure onto the joints while also aligning the spine 
  • Check the warranty on your online mattress retailer’s website, it ought to be at least 10-years 
  • Ensure your online mattress retailer offers free delivery and free return
  • Avoid physical mattress stores because their mattresses are often overpriced, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a quality mattress
  • Opt for a pressure relieving mattress, such as AirFoam™ that is proven to offer superior sleep comfort at a reasonable price 

What is the best mattress for chronic pain?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, your mattress could be a friend or foe. Your bed needs to be a sleep haven so you can gain valuable rest to aid your treatment. The best mattress to combat chronic pain will gently support your body weight, will not cause your body to sink so much into the mattress that your spine is out of alignment, will not be so firm that it pushes against your delicate joints, or sleep hot. A pressure relieving, cooling mattress is ideal for those suffering chronic pain. 

Additional Sleep Strategies for People with Arthritis    

  • Blankets and pillows: there’s nothing like cozy warm blankets and pillows to add luxurious sleep comfort to your bed. A quality pillow under your head will ensure there is no strain on your neck, while a pillow between your knees or under your knees will help align the spine and ease any back discomfort 
  • Keep cozy: a warm and dry bedroom is ideal for those with arthritis but allow some fresh air into your bedroom every day, this will keep your bedroom fresh and also keep your mattress fresh as the air circulates the room
  • Stay active: enjoy some exercise every day as this will help to combat fatigue and insomnia, remaining active is an important pain management strategy to those suffering arthritis 


As we know arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation of the joints, it’s essential to sleep on a mattress that supports your body weight. Pressure relief is one of the most important factors when choosing the best mattresses for arthritis. 

If the mattress is too soft it could cause sinkage, putting a strain on your joints. A mattress that is too firm could add undue pressure to those battling arthritic discomfort. Therefore, shop with a reputable online mattress retailer that gives you at least a 100-nights free trial. This way, you can ensure you’re choosing the best mattress for you and can easily return it if need be. 

Ease your arthritic pain by staying active, eliminating stress, getting regular massages if possible, eating well, and upgrading your mattress to a more pressure relieving alternative to your current bed. Sleep is essential to any pain management strategy and part of a healthy lifestyle. Bring health and vitality back into your life by maintaining your physical health and improving your sleep hygiene that could ease arthritic pain at night.       

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