Best Budget Mattress (2020): Guide to Affordable Mattresses

Shopping for a new mattress can be tricky and frustrating. Using your valuable time off work or study to trawl the stores looking for the best budget mattress. In store, you lay down on your potential mattress for a few moments, like many customers before you. How can you make such an important decision in this type of environment?

You want the best bang for your buck mattress, comfortable, pressure relieving, cooling, and durable. Sounds like a dream, right? It’s easier than you think to find the best budget mattress, when you know what to look for. 

Table of Contents 

  • Where Can I Buy a Cheap Mattress? 
  • Do Budget Mattresses Last? 
  • What Is the Best Budget Mattress?
  • Pros of Budget Mattresses 
  • Cons of Budget Mattresses
  • Best Budget Mattresses
  • Best Budget Mattresses for Side Sleepers  
  • Best Budget Mattresses in a Box (Qualities) 
  • Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses (Qualities) 
  • Best Affordable Hybrid Mattresses (Qualities)
  • Best Budget Air Mattress (Qualities) 
  • Best Budget Mattress on Amazon (Qualities) 
  • Bonus : How to Make Your Own Mattress Cheap
  • Conclusion

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Mattress? 

Is there such a thing as the best cheap mattress? While you can find a queen innerspring mattress for $115, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean best. A mattress worth $100 may not be the most durable and you could be spending more money in the long run. Bear in mind that the lifespan of a quality, durable mattress is 8-10 years. 

To help you find the cheapest mattress:

  • Keep an eye out for coupons 
  • Buy your mattress during a sale like Black Friday or Memorial Day
  • Shop online: you’ll get a free trial, with free delivery, easy returns, and free pillows, you’ll find affordable prices too 

Why are mattresses so expensive? Find out, here.

Do Budget Mattresses Last? 

A Low cost mattress can be durable, as long as it’s made from modern materials and built to last. Unfortunately, there are many low-quality mattresses out there. You may think you’re getting a bargain $100 mattress but that bargain quickly turns to insomnia, back pain, and a further loss of money having to replace your low cost mattress that has now become a nightmare. 

What to consider when shopping for the best inexpensive mattress:

  • What does the brand say about their mattress durability? A reputable mattress company will be confident in their product and will have conducted a ASTM Constant Force Pounding Dynamic Test, this gives an assertive indication of mattress durability.

  • Does the retailer give a healthy warranty of at least ten years? Check the warranty carefully before purchase.

  • A mattress trial ensures you’re choosing the correct mattress and dealing with a company who is confident in their mattress.

  • If the mattress you choose shows a diminished quality in less than a year of use, consider upgrading to improve your sleep health. 

What Is the Best Budget Mattress?

The best budget mattress is not a one-size-fits-all, unfortunately, there’s no magic rainbow with one mattress to suit every sleep style. If only! The best budget mattress for you is within your budget, is pressure relieving, cooing, durable, and comfortable. Remember, never feel pressured to overspend on a mattress. Your online retailer ought to have a 0% financing option if your chosen mattress is slightly above budget.  

Pros of Budget Mattresses 

  • Inexpensive 
  • Good option for a guest bed

Cons of Budget Mattresses

  • People managing medical issues may not feel comfortable on a budget mattress 
  • Lack of pressure relief, especially in some innerspring and memory foam option 

Best Budget Mattresses

Best Budget Mattresses for Side Sleepers  

Chosen Mattress: Nolah AirFoam™ Original 10

Type: AirFoam™ 

Firmness: 5-6 Medium Firmness 

Main Features: Pressure relieving AirFoam™that is temperature neutral, for cooling sleep and durable comfort, unique to Nolah

Ideal For: Best budget mattress for side sleepers

Price for Queen Size: $899

Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam™ was designed and produced from years of research and development. Not happy with regular heat trapping memory foam that was flooding the stores, Nolah wanted to make a mattress that could guarantee pressure relief and cooling comfort at a reasonable price. Airfoam™ does NOT sag over time (unlike most memory foam mattresses) therefore, Airfoam™ Original 10 is the best bang for your buck mattress and the best budget mattress available online.  

Best Budget Mattresses in a Box (Qualities)

For many, the best cheap mattress in a box is gel based memory foam. But, memory foam typically sleeps hot as it contains viscoelastic chemicals. The best budget mattress in a box should cost less than $1,000 with free delivery and easy returns from a reputable online retailer.  

Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses (Qualities)

The best budget memory foam mattress for many costs roughly $200. But, memory foam typically sleeps hot. A good mattress reasonable price will not create the sinkholes of many memory foam mattresses. The longevity of the best cheap memory foam mattress for $200 may be questionable. It may be a good option for a guest room.   

Best Affordable Hybrid Mattresses (Qualities)

Hybrid mattresses may not be considered the best value mattress (at over $1,600), it may be out of price range for many. A quality hybrid mattress may be a little too firm for most but typically have a long lifespan. 

Best Budget Air Mattress (Qualities)

The best budget air mattress for the busy holiday season is roughly $90. Simply unroll and use the built in pump to inflate the 16 inch tall mattress. Not recommended for long term use but short term guests may appreciate it. 

Best Budget Mattress on Amazon (Qualities)

The best budget mattress on amazon is roughly $400. However, with the wealth of choice on Amazon it could be possible to find a cheaper model. The best affordable mattress for you will be within your budget. There may be a delivery charge when buying from Amazon, so it may save you money to shop with an online mattress retailer rather than buying from Amazon marketplace.  

Bonus: How to Make Your Own Mattress Cheap 

  1. Get a thick slab of latex as a base for your good affordable mattress.
  2. Use a cotton or wool mattress topper.
  3. Use a mattress pad to wrap the 2 layers and achieve breathability, absorbency and warmth. 
  4. Top your best value mattress with your favorite sheets!  


The best affordable queen mattress is in the price range of $764 - $1,177. An affordable mattress that is pressure relieving, temperature neutral, durable, and comfortable can be found. The best priced mattresses can be found online with a reputable retailer. Opt for a free trial to be sure you’re making the right choice, with free delivery and easy returns, you’ve nothing to lose and comfort to gain. 

Top affordable mattresses are on to top of every shoppers list when it comes to upgrading. You either want the best value memory foam or you’re after a more modern and comfortable alternative like AirFoam™. 

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