America: Heaven for Hikers

Spell America backward and what do you get? Utopia for hikers! The beauty of the American landscape is something to behold this National Hiking Day. From Yosemite National Park in California to Acadia National Park in Maine and every beauty spot in between. America is a rich tapestry of hiking spots to be savored. Here is our top 3 Nolah approved hiking destinations. 

America is a rich tapestry of hiking spots

#1 Your Local Trail

Wherever you live there is bound to be some public space to be enjoyed this National Hiking Day. It can be a local wooded area, a park, or even a flat road. A hike doesn't have to be a massive excursion to the tallest mountain. A hike is whatever you can manage, even if it’s just putting on some sneakers and taking the dog for a walk. Check for local walking or hiking groups in your area, make new friends and enjoy what your community has to offer. It could mark the beginning of a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

#2 Denver, Colorado 

Colorado is truly blessed with natural beauty and lots of easy to challenging terrain to explore this National Hiking Day. Chautauqua and The Mesa Trail to the Eldorado Springs offer mega views of the Flatirons, an almost 7-mile hike that will take your breath away, figuratively that is! Opt for The Trading Post Trail in Red Rocks Park if you want something a little more subdued but equally enjoyable as Mesa. Make a day of it with this family-friendly hike to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This almost 3-mile round trip will give you a sample of the stunning beauty to be found in Colorado, the garden of the Gods. 

The Garden of the Gods is begging to be explored 

#3 Kalalau Trail, Hawaii 

The Kalalau Trail on the island of Kauai in Hawaii is dubbed one of the most beautiful on earth. There’s a mix of sea views, cliffside, and forest on this 22-mile hike. This will take some planning and preparation but the payoff is the delicious white sand of Kalalau Beach that stretches for 1 mile. Still unsure? Would it help to know Jurassic World, Avatar, and Raiders of the Lost Ark were filmed here? Thought so!

If you’re not able to go outside to indulge in a hike, stay in bed and hike the trails within. Catch up on some much-needed rest and recuperation. Get cozy and snuggle up with a good book or do some dreamy meditation. Go off the beaten track inside your mind, you never know what treasures you might discover.