Simple Ways To Introduce More Exercise

As a kid, I grew up playing soccer and never had the opportunity to sleep in during the summer months as my mother drug my siblings and me to the pool for 6:00 a.m. swim practice. I was always in good, conditioned shape for these sports, but that changed when I got to college. The University of Northern Colorado has a great university gym, but I felt out of place as I attempted to “work out” for the very first time. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit this next sentence, but it’s the truth of a naïve 18-year-old: I did not understand that conditioning for sports was a work out, so I was at a loss trying to work out on my own in the gym.

To me, conditioning was what needed to be done to win the game or to beat the heat whereas working out is a grueling hour or two at the gym, lifting weights and running on a treadmill to break a sweat and build a good health habit. It took a few weeks for me to put it together that the workouts I did during soccer and swim were equally as healthy as knocking out some gym time.

In case this is also your mindset, I decided to share, today, a few of my favorite workouts that happen when I don’t feel like I’m working out. It’s easier for me to live in the mindset of the naïve 18-year-old who didn’t know I was working out because the physical activity was simply another part of the day.

Ways To Trick Yourself Into Exercising

Take the Stairs

When faced with the fork in the hallway between the stairs and the elevator, do yourself a solid and take the stairs. You’ll feel much better about yourself, and your legs and lungs will thank you. It doesn’t seem like much, but walking is more active than standing, isn’t it? Are you faced with the elevator only? Search a moment for the staircase. It exists in every building for safety purposes, so you’ll have to challenge yourself a little bit. I know you can do it!

Bring Some Friends Around For A Game

With summer right around the corner, you can rally up some friends on a Saturday afternoon for a game of kickball, whiffle ball, a quick volleyball tournament, or a round of golf. Get outside, move your body, and have some fun!

Do Some Yard Work

Did you just chop a tree that fell down this week? That’s a lot of work. You’re getting a chore accomplished and breaking a sweat. Yard work gets you outside to enjoy some sunshine, increase the value of your property, and is a workout. Win, win, and win! Don’t hire the company down the street when you can do the heavy lifting and weed-picking yourself.

After adding a few of these simple workouts to your list of good health habits you’ve accomplished, you’ll notice some sore (but stronger) muscles and a new pep in your step.