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One Awesome Android Sleep App

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Jun 02, 2016
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One Awesome Android Sleep App

Last week we talked about a great app for iOS devices that helps track sleep cycles. We have to be honest: this Android app does the same thing and more for its users. If you’re looking for a quick tip for better sleep, then you’ll love the Sleep as Android application.

It’s known as the Pocket Sleep Lab and does it have a lot of awesome features.

The “Sleep as Android” App by Urbandroid Team $3.99

Similar to the Sleep Cycle application for iOS devices, the Sleep as Android app tracks a sleeper’s cycle through light and deep sleeps in order to wake a person when they are in a light sleep. This helps a person wake up feeling more naturally awake as opposed to the harsh beeping of an old alarm during the deepest sleep.

Is your toughest battle in the morning getting out of bed? Hitting snooze is so tempting, but the Sleep as Android doesn’t make it so simple to turn off the alarm. Instead of hitting a simple button, users must use captchas to end the alarm. Captchas in this app include a bathroom QR code (so you actually have to get out of bed), math problems, sheep counting, and phone shaking. The active engagement will get your mind moving.

Another incredible feature with this app is the bedtime timer. Alarms are typically thought of in the morning, but as we have shared, it is as equally important to go to bed at the right time as it is to wake at the right time. Set your alarm for when you need to wake, and the app will register a bedtime alarm to be at least eight hours before the time you need to wake. There are 30 minute, 10 minute and five minute warnings so you have plenty of time to find your way to bed.

Technology is incredible! We’re happy to continually provide you tips for better sleep so that you can continue to live a life full of great adventures!

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