One Of The Best Good Health Habits: Stop Smoking

Oddly, the key to stop smoking and build other good health habits is not to chuck the pack of cigarettes out the window in a good ol’ cold turkey fashion. That makes it more difficult for many addicts to give up the habit. In order to find a solution to stop smoking, we must first look at why people smoke in the first place.

The Road To Self-Healing

Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes?

There are three main reasons people smoke cigarettes: stress, comfort, and social. For many people, cigarettes alleviate stress and tension from other areas of life, providing comfort. Moreover, the social aspect starts at young ages when ads target teenagers, “everyone is doing it,” and it’s an easy way to pass the time.

How To Stop Smoking Cigarettes

As stated above, the way to stop smoking is not to go cold turkey. Sure, this works for some people, but for most it makes the stress worse which makes the cravings for a cigarette stronger.

Start Other Healthy Habits

Before eliminating smoking, introduce other healthy habits to life. Strive to eat healthier meals and get enough sleep. By adding these healthy elements to life, it is more likely that the unhealthy smoking habit will become less appealing.

Prolong The Cigarette

Another way to decrease and eventually eliminate a smoking habit is to prolong the time before going to smoke a cigarette. Upon a cigarette craving, delay smoking it by one hour. Over time, increase the prolonged time period to a day, a week, a month.

Focus On Smoking

Aside from smoking as a second-task, such as when chatting with friends or watching television, focus solely on the cigarette and the body. We’ve heard this brings a disgusted awareness of the habit to the smoker and is a solid turning point toward complete cessation.

What do you think? Are you capable of adding a good health habit to your lifestyle by eliminating cigarettes? We think you are!