How To Maintain Healthy Sleep Away From Home

There are a few things in which we firmly believe: sleep is essential for good health, good health leads to great adventures, therefore, sleep leads to great adventures. Are you headed out on one of these great #NolAhdventures? We suppose you can bring your mattress in a box with you to your hotel, but that may take your suitcase over the 50-pound limit; without your Nolah mattress, how are you supposed to maintain your healthy sleep while on vacation?

Let’s find out.

Tips To Getting Good Sleep While Away From Home

Stick To The Routine

We firmly believe that the body is healthier when a person sleeps the same amount of time each night while going to bed and rising at the same times each day. If you’re crossing many time zones, this may be difficult to adhere to since your adventures will likely revolve around the destination’s hours, so pick a bedtime for vacation, and stick to it as best as you can. (This will significantly help with jet lag, too).

Request A Room Away From The Elevator

The peace and quiet of being away from the heavy traffic will make it easier for you to sleep through the night.

Pack Your Pillowcase

A scent and fabric from home right under your head will help trigger your body to go to sleep. The pillowcase is much smaller to pack than the entire mattress in a box, so it’s your best bet to make the hotel feel like home.

When a good night’s rest and a few great #NolAdventures are on the line, there’s no chance to take. Enjoy your adventures!