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What Is The Circadian Rhythm?

Lauren Surbrugg   |   May 16, 2016
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What Is The Circadian Rhythm?

In the sleep industry, it’s quite common to hear about the circadian rhythm. It’s what regulates our natural sleep patterns. Foreigners to the sleep industry probably hear this term a lot and have a brief understanding of the concept, but what is it exactly, and how does it help our bodies? Today, we take a deeper look at the circadian rhythm, the Nolah mattress in a box, and how the two are closely related.

What Is The Circadian Rhythm?

The circadian rhythm is not unique to humans alone. This is a regulatory system for physical, behavioral, and mental characteristics that all animals use during a 24-hour period. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle, body temperature, and other hormonal functions.

A related term, “biological clock,” is typically more familiar to folks. The biological clock is what regulates the body’s circadian rhythm.

What Starts The Biological Clock?

This biological clock that regulates the circadian rhythm is run by the brain’s collection of 20,000 nerve cells called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). The SCN lives directly behind the cross of the optic nerves in the hypothalamus area of the brain, which is why what we see is influential in the body’s sleep-wake patterns.

The SCN regulates melatonin production, which is what signals the body to sleep and is one part of the circadian rhythm.

How Is The Nolah Mattress In A Box Related?

During the day, the body works through homeostasis to keep up blood pressure, regulate body temperature, and ensure the body functions in an awake state. Then, throughout the day, the body accumulates hormones that make humans become tired, eventually causing the inability to resist falling asleep any longer, in which many humans go to bed for a night full of sleep. This sleep-wake cycle is typically 16 hours of awake time and eight hours of sleep time. The Nolah mattress in a box serves as the necessary tool for the body to perform its necessary sleep cycle, allowing your body to fully function during the 16-hour wake cycle. The body is able to regulate this cycle with the circadian rhythm.

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