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INFOGRAPHIC: Harmful Health Effects Of Missing Sleep

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Aug 17, 2016
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INFOGRAPHIC: Harmful Health Effects Of Missing Sleep

Skipping a few hours of shut eye at night is more damaging to your health than being a little bit grumpy the next day. Sleep and health are closely related. When you skip a few hours of sleep each night, you’re setting up your body to fail. Lack of sleep puts people at a higher risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, injury, and more. These are serious health ailments, and if sleep is a necessary ingredient in preventing these ailments, then we’re on board the ZZZ Train.

That’s why Nolah Sleep is ready to help you live the best healthy life that you can. By reverting your focus from the harmful effects to the ways your body improves when you get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, you’ll change your focus to the positive ways sleep and health work together. Our infographic shown here highlights the many benefits your body will embrace when you get enough sleep. You can learn more about a few of the most harmful effects following the infographic. 

Infographic showing the healthy benefits of sleep.

Missing Sleep Leads To Harmful Health Ailments

In just one week of inefficient sleep, the body will start dysfunctioning. Sleep and health are affected after only one week. Genes that control overall health, immunity, inflammation, and the human response to stress are damaged. These are foundational genes that, when impacted, can immediately change the way our bodies function… and not for the better.

Higher Breast Cancer Risk

Can missing a few hours of sleep really make a woman more susceptible to breast cancer?


The body relies on the production of melatonin to balance out estrogen levels. When the body is awake for too long, its melatonin production declines, causing a surplus of estrogen production. Breast cancer growth depends on the excess estrogen.

Increased Risk For Heart Disease

The heart relies on a period of relaxation to regain strength and regulate blood pressure. When you skip a few hours of sleep, you’re forcing the heart to work overtime since it doesn’t have the seven hours of recovery time. When you sleep, your body’s blood pressure drops. Your body needs this drop to prevent heart disease.

Susceptible To Stroke

Since the heart is working overtime when you stay awake longer, the cardiovascular system has a difficult time restricting blood flow to the brain. Too much blood flow interruption causes the brain to malfunction, which is what we know to be a stroke.


Be The Positive Sleeper Shown First

Instead of accepting the health ailments of not getting enough sleep, focus your mind on the positive benefits shown in the infographic. Yes, these health hazards are worth learning; however, do not let the worry of them raise your anxiety and decrease your good sleep each night.

Simply, following good sleep patterns will reverse the impact of these hazards and can improve your health.

For the sake of your health and well-being, sleep between seven and nine hours each night.

Your body will thank you! Keep sleep and health connected for a long, fruitful life.

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