Excellent Eating Habits Improve Health

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

This brilliant philosopher recognizes that neither excellence nor a habit is formed overnight. It requires repeated effort to become habitual, and it takes a dedicated person to repeat that effort at an excellent level. Forming good health habits (or any good type of habit) will not happen overnight. It’s naive to believe that to be true. There are thousands (maybe millions) of people who proclaim that they are “going to start a healthy diet” and fail quickly because it is hard work. The truth remains: healthy eating leads to a healthier life.

Eating Right For A Healthy Life

What is it about a good diet that leads to a healthy life? Your body requires certain nutrients to thrive and perform well. Therefore, we must eat a healthy diet to keep our brains and bodies at peak performance. Remember that we must repeatedly make an excellent effort to eat healthy foods in order to create this habit. You are what you repeatedly do, so repeatedly choose healthy foods until the terrible cravings escape your mind.

Diet To Lose Weight

If you choose to eat a healthy diet to lose weight, it will take months to see significant results. The first month is the hardest. Stick to your guns. The good results will come.

Overcome The Obstacles

Eating sugar and junk food triggers a similar response in your brain as alcohol does in the brains of alcoholics. Your brain convinces you that you need to eat the food to overcome the bad day you had. You need sugar to make yourself happy. This is because the sugar changes the chemical makeup of your brain, thus causing those cravings. By holding out against the cravings, you’ll overcome these urges and no longer crave the sugar and junk.

To create good health habits with your diet, you just need to be repeatedly excellent with your intentions about forming your habit.