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A Queen Foam Mattress In A Box For Just $850

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Apr 18, 2016
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A Queen Foam Mattress In A Box For Just $850

The story of a Nolah mattress is nearly revolutionary in the United States. People across seas have been buying mattresses online for years and years, but the concept still seems foreign to most people in the U.S. Traditionally, people march to the mattress retailer to pick a bed. Today, people can buy online and receive a mattress in a box on the doorstep. The best part: the cost is one-third of the price paid at the average retailer. Our queen foam mattress is only $850.

How Are Online Mattresses Affordable?

“There has to be a catch, right?” is the most common response we get to sharing our movement with new people we meet.

“How can you cut nearly $2,000 from the typical price?”

While it seems like a nominal feat, it is quite simple. We reduce the unnecessary middle process that gets the mattress from the factory to the retailer to your house. Actually, we don’t just reduce the process, we skip it altogether. The mattress goes directly from the factory production line into a box that is delivered to your doorstep. Boom. Reduced costs.

How Do I Know It’s The Right Bed For Me?

There are countless ways to determine if the bed you chose is the right bed for you. Sure, you can consider your different sleeping styles or your preference for pillow top or foam, but it boils down to this: the 100 night trial guarantee. This guarantee allows you to sleep on the Nolah bed for 100 nights in your own home to get a feel for this bed. Do you rest well? Do you wake up fatigued? (Don’t forget there are more factors to a good night’s sleep than the bed alone).

Most importantly, you get to make the decision about the Nolah bed without the pressure of commission driven salesmen.

Take the plunge. Buy your mattress in a box today from Nolah, and get started on your 100 night trial.

By the way, we offer free shipping and returns, so you don’t have to worry about those added costs, either.

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