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Sleep And Health Are Ever Important For New Dads

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Apr 14, 2016
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Sleep And Health Are Ever Important For New Dads

When a new baby is born, many people automatically give the parents a break for being tired. Oftentimes, the mom gets more sympathy than the dad, but the truth is both parents suffer from a lack of sleep during the first few months (and sometimes years) of the infant’s life. To take it one step further, this study published on NPR last week found that new dads may be more prone to sleep deprivation than new moms. Arguably, there are variables that make this a contested bit of conversation, but for the most part, it was found that dads feel the poor effects of lacking sleep and health as much as moms, if not more.

The Facts

The Effects

Get your sleep and health connected by doing your best to relieve stress in other areas of your life and getting as much shut eye as possible.

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