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Can You Train Yourself To Need Less Sleep?

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Apr 11, 2016
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Can You Train Yourself To Need Less Sleep?
The debate continues about whether or not a person can “train their body” to need less sleep each night. This myth has been raging for years, and there are countless studies proving it false, which makes us happy because we believe everyone deserves to spend a good amount of time sleeping on one of Nolah’s new mattress-in-a-box style bed.

According to the Better Sleep Council, more men than women believe their bodies can change to account for the lack of sleep.

Men (and women, too), stop believing that this is true. Your body needs a healthy amount of sleep to work correctly. While not every person requires the same amount of sleep to be healthy, everyone needs at least six hours per night. Some people live better lives when they sleep between eight and 10 hours each night, but nobody performs well with less than six.

Myth: I can train myself to survive with less sleep.

Fact: No, you can’t.

There may be a small bit of truth to the myth in that you can train yourself to survive, but what good is a life that is merely survival? Your body will continue to breathe and function with less than six hours of sleep per night, but you sure won’t thrive. However, there is a rare genetic makeup (hDEC2) which allows people to live on only five hours of sleep per night.

In fact, people who do not have at least six hours will feel short term effects such as reduced concentration or confusion and distress. When the brain tries to function on extreme tiredness, it produces the same effects as being drunk. Over a long term of sleep deprivation, the body can begin to fail, causing a higher risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.

Instead of charging ahead under false pretenses that you can adjust to fewer hours of sleep, get yourself one of Nolah’s mattresses in a box and start sleeping regularly. Your body will thank you.
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