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Risk Free 120-Night Trial Period

Lauren Surbrugg   |   Feb 05, 2016
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Risk Free 120-Night Trial Period

Shopping for a mattress in a local store is often a dreadful experience for many people, but luckily there's now a better way to shop your mattress online.

In the mattress stores, you'll find 100% commission based salespeople walking up and down the aisles trying to earn a few bucks from making bigger sales, selling more than what the shopper truly needs. Spoiler alert, no these sales people do NOT have your best interest in mind. They're only interested in selling you the mattress that they earn the highest commission on! 

One of the worst feelings is bringing home a brand new foam bed mattress (that likely cost thousands of dollars) only to sleep on it, realize it is not what was wanted, and find out that there is not a decent return policy. Some companies won’t even accept a mattress in return after it enters a home. Most mattress stores will charge you $99-199 for delivery and another $99-199 if you decide to return - this is crazy and certainly NOT in the customer's best interest.


Don't settle for 5 minutes when you can get 120 nights

When you think about it, it actually does not make sense that you're basing your decision to buy a new mattress on a 5-minute try out in a store during mid-day. The mattress store knows it, the mattress industry knows it and all the mattress manufacturers know it, but they are not telling you, the consumer, that it's actually not good to try a mattress in a store, but much better to try it at home in your own bedroom where you can sleep on it without having pushy sales people trying to convince you to buy a mattress you've never slept on before spending thousand of dollars on it.

Think about it for a second, you're shopping for a new mattress and you choose to "test" it by lying down on it for 5 minutes when you can get a much better deal online (no expensive retail stores or commission based sales people) with the option to RISK-FREE sleep on the mattress for up to 120 nights before having to decide to keep or return.

Nolah Mattress | Risk-Free 120 Nights Trial Period

It's better to shop your mattress online

The choice should be pretty simple for most mattress shoppers, but it's still new that you can try a mattress Risk-Free for 120 nights in the comfort of your own home, so people are still hesitant, but really STOP BUYING MATTRESSES IN THE STORES! Buy them online instead and take advantage of the greatest mattress industry innovation the last five decades - THE RISK-FREE HOME TRIAL PERIOD with FREE Shipping and FREE Return!


Much better deal online vs. mattress store

When you shop your mattress online, you'll not only get to sleep on the mattress before deciding final on your purchase, you'll also get a much better deal because selling mattresses online does not require the cost for expensive retail stores and commission-based sales people. Nor is there any wholesale distribution cost, so net price wise buying a mattress online will literally save you thousand of dollars. No kidding, a Nolah Queen mattress cost $850 online and would run you $2,800 in the mattress store, just because of all the added cost to wholesale, retail stores, and sales people.

Honestly, why would you pay for all those added costs? Just so you can try the mattress 5 minutes in the stores before being ripped off with insanely inflated retail prices? If so, those 5 minutes you lie down on the mattress in the store will be your life's most expensive 5 minutes EVER, because you'll end up paying thousand of extra dollars for your new mattress, just the mattress store so generously let you lie down on the mattress for 5 minutes in the store. Is this really worth thousand of your dollars just because the store offers you to "try it before you buy it", probably not? 

Best Deal on Mattress | Save $2,000 vs Retail

Instead of going to the mattress stores, people today go online to place the order in a few clicks and get their mattress shipped for free directly from the factory to their front door at a fraction of the cost the same mattress would cost in retail. When the mattress arrives it's a super easy 5 minutes unboxing and then you're are ready to sleep on it immediately. It's easier, it's a better deal, it saves you time, it saves you a lot of money and also gives you a peace of mind that you have 120 nights (4 full months) to decide whether to keep or return the Nolah mattress.


Free Shipping & Return included for online purchases

Another perk by shopping your mattress online is the free shipping and return. And in the event, you decide to return (Nolah has 0.9% return rate), we even send a driver to your home address to pick up your Nolah mattress for FREE and donate it to a local charity or church that have people in need.

Either way you get to properly try your mattress by sleeping on it, not just lying on it in a store, and if you love it (like 99.1% of Nolah's customer does) you'll get the best sleep of your life and if not, hey no worries, we'll send a driver for FREE to pick up your Nolah mattress again for a FULL REFUND to you.

Free Shipping & Return on the Nolah Mattress

Nolah's Risk-Free 120-Night Trial Period - Included for ALL Customers!

For some consumers, shopping online for a mattress can seem just as daunting since there is no way to try the bed before purchase. But as explained above Nolah Sleep offers the best of both worlds. Shoppers receive 120 nights to try the bed and ensure it’s the best mattress for their lifestyle. When the 120-night mark hits, customers can decide if they want to keep the bed or return it if they don't love it! There is no fee for returning the bed, and customers will receive back every penny spent.

Nolah Sleep values the effect that good sleep has on life. We want our customers to experience truly healthful sleep and the adventurous, successful days that can follow a night of good rest. That’s why we want shoppers to test the bed for a long duration. Testing a mattress for 120 nights gives people plenty of time to recognize sleep, lifestyle, and health changes. If a customer does not believe Nolah Sleep’s innovative foam bed technology is a good fit, that’s no problem. We want what is best for good rest.

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