5 Reasons Why It Pays Off To Purchase Your Next Mattress Online

Shopping online is the obvious way to purchase household items, electronics, or toys, but how well does online shopping work for things shoppers like to try before they buy?

The customers of Nolah Sleep have found great success with shopping online for a mattress in a box, even though they could not lie on it to test it out. Here are the five reasons why it pays off to purchase a mattress online.

1. Shopping is convenient.

The Digital Age has brought upon an ease of shopping. Instead of packing up the kids for a day of running errands, shoppers can stay home and shop from a computer. Not only does this save time and effort, it allows shoppers to browse through many different websites to make sure they are finding the exact product for the best price.

2. There are no pushy salespeople.

Commission does not exist in the online shopping world. It’s as simple as that.

Just because people are shopping online doesn’t mean that there isn’t help available. Shoppers can contact us with questions or comments, and we’ll respond quickly. Our customers are our top priority.

3. The details are stated clearly.

Without trying to focus on how it feels lying on mattress after mattress at the retail store, shopping online for a mattress allows shoppers to read the details and do the research to learn the difference.

4. The prices are right.

There is no added retail markup of the mattress price. Shoppers spend $850 for a queen mattress from Nolah; the average price for the same mattress is $2,800 at other retail stores.

5. Ship and return free of charge.

Nolah Sleep will cover the costs for shipping and returning if shoppers don’t like the mattress. The bonus is that we give people 100 nights to try the mattress without any return penalties. This is much better than lying on the mattress in the store for five minutes. Shoppers can truly determine if it is a good fit.